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 Welcome to The Mole, Season 2!!!

Note to readers outside of the Sims 3 Community:
This show is mainly played out on the Sims 3 site, by the real life contestants. They each have made a sim, and entered it as their "contestant". I have made it so that everyone can be active as virtually as possible, without actually physically being on the show... meaning they play through their sims. :P
Learn more at the Sims 3 Forums, on our thread:

The Mole:
    The premise of the show is for the 13 contestants to participate in various challenges- called "Missions", in which the players will work together or against each other to try and earn points for "The Pot”, which can increase up to a maximum of 2000 points. This will end up being the final prize in the end- The winner and the Mole will split up the 2000 points (aka simpoints). The winner will get all the points that's in the pot, while the Mole gets everything that's left.

   Now, one of the contestants is the Mole, out to deceive the players and out to sabotage the missions and prevent points from being added to the pot while avoiding or deflecting suspicion. After each mission, players must complete the “Mole Quiz”, which is a series of 10 questions about the last mission, and the players must answer them according to who they think the Mole is. The player who scores the lowest on the quiz will be “Executed”, and will leave the show immediately. Of course, no one knows who the Mole is, except the Mole him/her self. The game continues in each episode until only three players are left- two contestants and the Mole. The contestant who scores the highest on the final quiz wins the game and the entire pot.


House Tour: 

Episode 1- Mission (Day 1):
Episode 2- Execution (Days 1-2):
Episode 3- Mission (Days 2-3):
Episode 4- Execution (Days 3-5):
Episode 5- Mission (Days 5-6):
Episode 6- Execution (Day 7):
Episode 7- Mission (Days 8-10):
Episode 8- Execution (Day 11):
Episode 9- Mission (Days 12-13):
Episode 10- Execution (Day 14):
Episode 11- Mission (Days 15-16):
Episode 12- Execution (Days 16-17):
Episode 13- Mission (Days 18-19):
Episode 14- Execution (Day 20):
Episode 15- Mission (Day 21):
Episode 16- Execution (Days 22-24):
Episode 17- Mission (Days 25-26):


1. Ashton Snapp by SnappSimz
2. Max Radcliffe by x_MG_x
3. Cole Sheppard by leggokatz
4. Devin Hardman by mle4ever
5. Kenneth Nova by Suresammi
6. Leon Covington by Meredith
7.  Thomas Walsh by ArtistByNight

1. Evangeline Merino by ashleyadorable
2. Courtney Ellan by krose240
3. Taiha Anderson by HayloHusky
4. Brianne Wentworth by Jojo777
5. Amber Greene by gsdluver4
6. Selena Brooke by Sims3PlayrG


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