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Episode 9

Opening Video (NEW AND IMPROVED!):

Day 12

Taiha:“Ok you may want to sit down for this one. I have A LOT to say!
First things first.
Who does Kendal think he is? Barging in here and taking my Grey away from me?! I bet you I know more about Grey than he does! Like does he know Grey always puts his right shoe on before his left shoe? or that he has an adorable brithmark on his.... huh? WHOSE OUT THERE! I CAN HEAR YOU! THE DAIRY ROOM IS TAKEN RIGHT NOW! 
Anyway, where was I? Oh right! I can take this Camden guy on any day. Any time any place!
Well on another note, I've heard from someone that Brianne sabotaged Amber to leave... She's not the only one whose gonna play this game! It's time for Taiha to turn into Slaiha. So far I've predicted whose been leaving each week. Well minus Selena. But Ashton, Amber and Devin were the people I predicted to go. My prediction this elimination is set because I am going to aim to get people to get themselves eliminated”. >:)

Leon: “So... Stuffs happened. People got eliminated... That was something, wasn't it? The first person, my heart didn't even have time to race... Um... I don't really have much to say... Oh! Um, Kenneth keeps trying to woo the ladies. It's kinda a little funny. I feel bad for the girls though... Must be annoying.... OH! Some people got hair cuts! That was unexpected...
Theres a random little wine cellar in the house. I don't know why it's there but I like it. I feel safe. I like feeling safe. Sometimes I go there to get away from the other guests. I lived alone before I came here so this is a lot different than that. It's overwhelming at time and hardly anyone goes to the cellar.”

Cole: "Ew... Thomas's superman underwear. Yuck."

Kenneth: "Hey Cole."
Cole: "Oh, hey. What's up?"

Kenneth: "I wanted to talk to you about something, since, well, we don't really talk much... And I was hoping to change that!"
Cole: "Okay, sure- where do you want to go?"
Kenneth: "Well... that see-saw looks pretty lonely..."

Cole: "Haha, seriously?! You want to go on that?!"
Kenneth: "Yeah, why not? They put a new thing out here everyday, so obviously they want us to use it. Nothing else to do in this place..."

Cole: *laughs* "Okay, here we go! Two grown dudes, sitting on a see-saw!"

Kenneth: "Doesn't get any better than this, right?"
Cole: "Living the life right here, baby!! So, anyway... What did you want to talk about?"

Kenneth: "Well, one of two things... First off- How in the hell did you catch that total babe?! I've been trying to get her to bite since day one, but the only fishing pole she's interested in is yours!"

Cole: "Wow, she wasn't kidding when she said you were a womanizer! And I don't know... I guess I'm just more her type, that's all."

Kenneth: "She said that about me? Hm... She must be thinking about me a lot..."

Cole: "Don't get your hopes up, dude. She's loyal to me- She only brought you up because we were talking about possible mole suspects."

Kenneth: "Yeah, but still... Just don't get mad at me when she gets bored of you and comes looking for me!! I am the 'womanizer', after all, haha."

Kenneth: "Shit... is that her?"

Cole: "No, it's just Leon."

Kenneth: "Oh, perfect timing then! Leon, do you have a sec?"

Leon: "Um... sure."

Leon: "What's up?"

Kenneth: "Where's your mind at? I know Devin was your coalition partner and your best friend here, so I was wondering how you were holding up."
Leon: "Well... if you must know, I'm pretty depressed about it, but I'll live. Why?"

Kenneth: "Well, this now brings me to the other thing I was going to say- what do you guys think of forming a coalition together? I mean, I don't think either Cole or I have had one, and Leon, you just lost yours, so it works perfectly. We could call ourselves... The Sexy Saboteurs!! Since, well, I'm sexy, and saboteur is a synonym for 'mole', so it fits the show, and might make us look suspicious... What do you guys think?"

Cole: "Hm... I don't see why not!"
Leon: "Yeah, it's not like anything bad can come from it, right?"

Cole: "Well, you heard the whole Brianne and Amber thing, right? Apparently Brianne was able to get Amber out by leading her in the wrong direction- so that could certainly happen with us. But as long as we can all trust each other, we should be good."

Leon: "I'd like to hear what you guys have to say before I can trust either of you."
Kenneth: "Then I'll be very frank with you two- I am not the mole. I swear on my mom's life."

Leon: "...Isn't your mom dead?"

Kenneth: "Er... no."

Leon: "Well, in that case, neither am I."
Cole: "Who do you guys think the Mole actually is, though? I'd put my money on any of the girls in the house- all of them are equally deceptive."

Leon: "Like Evangeline?"
Cole: "Minus her... I trust her."
Kenneth: "Speaking of Evangeline..."

Leon: "Oh god, not this again- Cole, he's been fantasizing about your girl all day. Kenneth- Grow up dude, she's taken."

Kenneth: "Yeah, she might be 'taken', but that doesn't mean-"
Leon: "I'm just going to leave while I can, before this gets ugly... I'm going to go play with my imaginary friend named Waffles, we're about to raid the aliens starship! And then, we're going to-... Um, ahahaha, just kidding, I don't have a *cough* imaginary friend, nope, not at all... BYE!" *flees*
Cole: "Bye... I guess."
Kenneth: "Okay, so as I was saying..."
Cole: "Dude. SHUT THE F*** UP!!!"

*            *            *

Evangeline: "At dinner last night, they served us 'Le plateau chien délicieux de Westie'  and it was HORRIBLE! I didn't actually eat any, but I know that  'Le plateau chien délicieux de Westie'  is 'The tray of delicious dog Westie' in French....yes, I happen to know French, I mean, who couldn't though? it is THE MOST beautiful language in the world! Anyways, remember how I depended on Westie power to help me through that one Execution? I couldn't harm a Westie after that! Westies are SOOOOOOO cute anyways! Their personalities and cuteness make them the best dog ever! I really want one, I'd name it...well, I WOULDN'T name it Coconut.”

Evangeline: "You're not going to have any s'mores with us, Brianne?"
Brianne: "Some what?!"

 Courtney: "S'mores. Have you ever ate a s'more before?"
Taiha: "They're soooooooooo scrumptious! Like Grey..."

Brianne: "Is that why you decided to stab some marshmallows with stick? What exactly is it? Just a burnt marshmallow? I'm good, thanks... Food should be prepared in a kitchen, not out here- how uncivilized can you people be?!"
Taiha: "That's the point! It's supposed to be made out here!! Have you never been camping before?! People always do it when having a campfire."
Courtney: "And it's not just a marshmallow... Once it's perfectly roasted, you take it off, add some chocolate and gram crackers, and make a s'more sandwhich!"

Brianne: "Sounds very unappetizing and messy... and pointless. Why don't you just heat it up in a microwave?"


Evangeline: "I say we change the subject... who's up for some girl talk?!"
Brianne: "...Okay....?"

Taiha: "Alright!! Let's talk about some of the boys here!! With just us girls! Since we ARE the only girls left, after all..."

Evangeline: "Yeah, you're right! We are the only girls left! We should get together and run all the boys out of here!!"
*Courtney and Taiha look at each other*
Courtney: "Eh... that's probably not the best idea. But back at the other thing, who do you guys think is the hottest guy here?"

Evangeline: "Well, obviously my babe Cole is the hottest guy here- he's pretty good looking on the eyes, y'all have to admit..."

Courtney: "Haha, okay, I got to admit that you're right on that one. Other than that though... can't really think of anyone else. Leon is kinda cute, in a weird way. May be the whole ginger thing he's got going. Kenneth's a pig, so scrap him. But I don't think the best looking guy is actually on this season- I think he was on last season- team Nwa all the way!!"

Taiha: "You guys have it all wrong... the only guy even remotely attractive here isn't even a contestant- it's Grey! He's hands down the most amazing, awesomest, cutest, funniest, hottest, sexiest man out there!! Ah... just thinking about him now... I wish he was here instead of the Ken-shit!"

Evangeline: "Haha, you're so in love with him, Taiha! And you know... Brianne, you haven't said anything yet- who do YOU think is the hottest guy here?"

 Brianne: "What exactly do you mean by that? None of them are abnormally hot...? The average person is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, anything above that could indicate a flu or other type of sickness. I'm not sure I understand..."

*All three of the other girls burst out laughing*
Taiha: "No!! You silly!! Hot, as in... cute! But... more, sexy, ya know? For instance, Grey- he's hot. He's just so steamy and smokey I just want to take all his clothes off and- Well, we'll skip that part, but hot is just irresistibly attractive."

Brianne: *gulps* *readjusts self on chair* *Looks down at feet* *Rubs neck* *Pulls on necklace* *Begins sweating uncontrollably* *Taps foot* *Bites nails* *... You get the idea. XD*
Taiha: "So... who do you think is hot?"

 Brianne: "Um... ahaha...." *coughs* "Er.... I DON'T KNOW! I'm leaving! Good night!"

Brianne: “Today I was sitting near Evangeline, Taiha, and Courtney, and then they suddenly decided that we must have "girl talk." I have never heard of this absurdity before, but according to them it is a tradition among females. Anyway, I have rarely been so disturbed in my life! They wanted to know which males on this show I found "hot." I logically answered that I didn't believe any were unusually warm, but when they laughed and explained their meaning I simply had no words! And now they believe my silence means I have fond feelings for a man on this show. I am considering ignoring all three of them until they are executed, as such imbeciles couldn't  possibly be the mole.”

 *            *            *

Day 13

Taiha: "Hmm... I've been thinking. Mr Fluffers needs a new name! He's out grown the last 4 I gave him and I think he has outgrown this name... Maybe he should be called... Uh. Mr Kenzenhater! No. Too long. Um. What about Mr. Fluffy... No too like the last one. I need a name. I KNOW!!! Mr Whitefluff! Actually no. Not that either..... ARGH! Why can't I THINK OF ANYTHING!?ARRRRGH!”
*shakes Mr Fluffers*
Mr F: “Meow!”
Taiha: “OMG! That's it! You'll be called Mr Meow! Or something like that. We'll work on it." ^_^

Kenneth: “Look at me baby! I didn't think I could get any sexier but man, I'm turning myself on! Courtney sure knows how to work those hands......
OH Sorry, I forgot where I was for a second there, whoops - a bit too happy now. I wasn't the only one she played with either - she had a go at Evangeline. Oh man! Now I'm thinking about it in totally another way! Ooops. I'm never gonna see them in the same light now, not if they're together. Haha. On another note, I actually gave Evangeline a sweet comment about her new style - nothing sexual, just nice. You know something not too generic that you'd hear from anyone. She smiled. I'm playing it right at the moment at least. See girls, I have my sweet and sensitive moments. Haha.”

*doorbell rings*
Max: "I'll get it- must be Kenzen!"

Max: "What the-?!"

??: "Hello, my name is Maxwell."

 Max: "But... you're, me!"

Thomas: "What's going on over there?!"

Max: "Um... nothing, just stay there."

Thomas: "It's not Kenz- ... AHHH!! MAX! IT'S YOU! BUT... NOT!"

Maxwell: "We do look pretty similar, don't we? Well, anyway, I came by because I'm raising money for stray dogs, to help them find a home. I was wondering if-"

 Thomas: "Stop! This must be some kind of trick! Max, you need to hide! This must be some kind of super villain, disguised as you to trick us and kill us all!!"
Max: "And how exactly could he be disguised as me?"
Thomas: "I don't know!! Villains have many powers! He may be a shape-shifter, and shifted into you!! Or... he's telepathic and can control our minds to see his image! This might just be an allusion!! Or... maybe the unthinkable- IT MIGHT BE YOU FROM THE PAST! HE HAS THE ABILITY OF TIME TRAVEL!"

 Max: "Thomas, don't you think you're being a bit ridiculous? Well, sorry for being rude, Maxwell, please come in and sit down."

Max: "Er... please excuse him, he's a bit... cuckoo in the head...Well, 'Mentally Unstable' would be a better choice of words..."
Maxwell: "As long as he doesn't actually kill me I think I'll be good!"

Max: “Okay. today before the mission, the doorbell rang. I went to get the door and I was expecting Kenzen or Grey to show up. However, as it turns out, a person who looked exactly like me named Maxwell shows up and he was asking for money to help stray dogs in France have a home. I donated 15 dollars to him, and we basically spent 10 minutes talking about dogs. I am not sure if he is my long-lost twin brother in France but it seems weird.”

 Max: "Well, thanks for stopping by!"

 Maxwell: "And thank you for donating money to the cause! I assure you that all your money will be used to help these poor dogs be placed into safe homes."

Maxwell: "What?"


Maxwell: "Woah woah woah, you got it all wrong! I'm not like that! I'm a good guy!"

Thomas: "Too little too late, Dr. Evil! Prepare to die!"

Max: "Oh boy... Can you guys turn the cameras off and come try and calm Thomas down before this gets out of hand?"
Camera Man: "Um... I'm afraid not. You really think we're going to interfere with this?! In your dreams!! Moments like these are what makes reality television interesting!!"

'Yeah... you can't read minds, you idiot.'

Thomas: "HIIII..."


Maxwell: "AHHHHH!!"


Max: *gasps*

Maxwell: "Ow..."

Thomas: *breathes in, puffs out chest* "That's what you get for messing with Superman!"


 Thomas: "And I wish I did!!"
Maxwell: "You know what, I'm out of here! And if you follow me, I'll call the police!"
Max: "Well... good job Thomas! Nearly killed my long-lost twin!"
Thomas: "Meh... oh well. Pancakes?!"
Max: "Sure!!"

 *            *            *


Leon: "Woah! Slow down a bit, would ya?!"
Kenneth: "Tell me again why we let you drive?"

Thomas: "I'm a driving instructor, remember? I'm an EXPERT at driving!" :D
Kenneth: "Of course you are..."

Leon: "Ahh!!! Watch out!"
Thomas: "Woops! Hit a squirrel! Hope it lives!"
Leon: *Facepalm* "This is the Remy incident all over again... why do we always let the crazy ones drive?!"



Kenzen: "Oh come on and hurry up already! We're on air, you know! They're going to start playing the Jeopardy theme music at the rate you guys are going... Ah, ah! There you go! Yes, you guys can do it! Climb the stairs now, baby steps!"

Kenzen: "Finally... Okay, if you are ball tosser, please stand on one of the colored tiles before you."

Kenzen: "Good. Now, as you know, 8 of you will be ball tossers, while the ninth person will be the Riddler."

Kenzen: "You all had the chance to discuss who the Riddler would be before coming here, knowing that the Riddler will have a chance at exemption- Brianne, since you are not standing on a colored tile, I assume you're going to be the Riddler. Is that correct?"
Brianne: "Yes."

Kenzen: "Alright, now that the positions have been sorted out, I'll explain the mission- This mission is called 'Ball Overload', and is worth a total of 160 points."

"As you can see before you, there is a long line made of footballs- one at a time, you will come up, and will throw a total of 16 footballs into other player's 'baskets'- or your own, if you wish."

"Everyone's basket is color-coordinated with the tile they're standing on. The rules are that you must share your 16 balls with at least 2 people, and if you are throwing some in your own, the most you can throw in is 10."

 "As you can see, there is a large hole, which is where you're trying to aim. Once it falls through the hole..."

"It'll fall through the floor and land down here. Once everyone has gone, we will come down here and count how many balls are in each person's basket."

 Kenzen: "If anyone has less than 20 balls in their basket, 20 points will be added to the pot. However, if anyone has 20 or over, then 0 points will be added."

Kenzen: "There is also a second exemption!!"

Kenzen: "Whoever has the MOST balls, without going over 20, will earn this exemption. That's why throwing some in your own might be a good idea, unless you think a lot of other people will throw some in yours, because then you will just overflow your own basket."

 Kenzen: "Now, as for you, Brianne, your part of the mission will be solving a riddle- or, more accurately, a puzzle."

 "You have one chance to get it correct- and if you do, you will earn yourself an exemption. However: If you do in fact get it right, then you'll have to add an ADDITIONAL 30 balls into baskets of your choice- only rules this time, is that it must be between at least 3 different baskets, and no more than 10 in one."

"The puzzle, by the way, should be pretty simple, but proves difficult for many people."

"The question is 'How many triangles do you see in this image?' and once you think you have your answer, tell me, and I'll tell you whether or not you got it correct."

Kenzen: "You may start working on it now."

 Brianne: "Hm... how many triangles...."

 Kenzen: "Alright! Let's begin! Kenneth, you're up first."

( NOTE: I kind of forgot that the contestants shouldn't be looking when the others are going, since the RL players didn't know how many balls were in the baskets either. So let's just say everyone is supposed to close their eyes when someone is going. :P )

Kenneth: "Hey sexy."
Evangeline: "Hey! Get away from my basket! Stop throwing so many in there!"

Kenneth: "You know you want my balls, sweetheart." ;D
Evangeline: *rolls eyes*

Kenneth: "Piece of cake! Is that 16 already?"

Kenzen: "Thank you, Kenneth. Taiha, you're next."

Taiha: "Eeek!"


 Taiha: "1, 2, 3, 4..."
Courtney: "I can sense your presence... Stop throwing so many in mine!!"

Kenzen: "Cole."


 Brianne: "Hm... 23, 24, 25... Wait, no, restart..."



Evangeline: "GAH, LOOK AT ME!"
(sorry, that face is just really funny. XD)


Thomas: "Woops... I missed! Oh... Oh.... Yep, missed again! My bad, everyone!!
'Why do you suck so much at this?'
Shut up, you!!!"

Kenzen: "Wow... you didn't even make it in a basket... FAILURE!"

Kenzen: "I'm just going to assume you wanted it in your own..."

Kenzen: "Alright, last but not least... Max!"

Kenzen: "Ooh.... What's that? An extra ball?! I don't mind if I do..."


 Kenzen: "Okay, enough of that..."

Kenzen: "How you doing down there Brianne?"

Brianne: "Um... Well, I think I have an answer."
Kenzen: "Let's hear it!"

Brianne: "God, I hope I'm right on this... My answer is... 31 triangles?!"

Kenzen: "That is.... NOT....incorrect!! Good job, Brianne- you earned yourself an exemption! Please come up here to deposit all 30 of your balls."

Brianne: "Psh.... Even though I was nervous, I knew I was right... I'm a brilliant genius, after all!"

Kenzen: "Alright, so: Your task now is to divide all 30 balls between AT LEAST 3 different players."

Kenzen: "And, no more than 10 in each one... I'll periodically stock the balls, so we can easily keep track of how much you've used."

 Kenzen: "Are you ready?"
Brianne: "Yes."
Kenzen: "Then you may begin."

Brianne: "Ah!! My apologies everyone, I've never touched a soccer ball in my life, and I really don't know how to throw one..."

Leon: "Um... I'm pretty sure they're footballs."
Brianne: "Same thing!"
Kenzen: "Not really..."

Brianne: "Last one! Thanks heavens!"

Kenzen: "Alright! It's now time to see the results!"

Kenzen: "Remember!! There is an exemption at play! Whoever has the most balls without going over 20, will win this exemption."

Kenzen: "Kenneth, let's start with you."

Kenzen: "You have... 18 balls!"
Kenneth: "I do?! I thought I only had 2?"
Kenzen: "Shut up... And they are from as follows..."
Leon- 4
Courtney- 2
Taiha- 1
Yourself- 4
Evangeline- 1
Thomas- 5
Brianne- 1

Kenzen: "That's 20 points added to the pot!"

Kenzen: "Next, we have Maiha."
Taiha: "Funny. And it's TAIHA, by the way." ;)
Kenzen: "Oh, sorry. No problem, Taima!"

 Kenzen: "You have... 21 balls! Sorry, but you were one over from getting an exemption... And no points will be added."
 Courtney- 3
Yourself- 3
Cole- 8
Thomas- 2
Brianne- 3

 Kenzen: "You have... 10 balls!"
 Evangeline- 2
Brianne- 8

 Kenzen: "You have... a WHOPPING 46 BALLS!! HOLEY MOLEY!!! Either people love you, or... they're tired of seeing you get exemptions. Probably the latter, since Taiha also went over the limit and has also received 2 exemptions this season."
 Leon- 4
Yourself- 8
Taiha- 8
Kenneth- 4
Cole- 8
Evangeline- 1
Max- 13

Courtney: "My god, guys! That's like half the whole damn amount! F*** YOU ALL!!"
Kenzen: "Well, not quite... Without Brianne's, there were a total of 128 balls, so you contain exactly 35.9375%... or, rather, 36% of the balls."
Courtney: "Wait... really? I was just exaggerating! But over 1/3 of the balls are in mine?!

 Leon: 0_0
Kenzen: "Leon!! You're next. spud."

 Kenzen: "You have... 19- wait, nope. You have 20 balls! Just enough to earn an exemption, but over the amount to get the points... So, as of right now, you currently hold the exemption."
 Yourself- 4
Courtney- 3
Evangeline- 2
Thomas- 6
Kenzen- 1... Okay, that's me... so, technically you have 19... which means you earned the points! Congrats! Well, that's if you want those points or not... Then no congrats... *ahem*
Brianne- 4

 Kenzen: "You have... 20 balls!! Which means YOU are the current holder of the exemption- of course, with 20, no points will be added. Sorry. Bitter-sweet moment, I know. How terribly tragic."
 Taiha- 2
Kenneth- 4
Yourself- 3
Max- 3
Brianne- 8

 Kenzen: "You have... 14 balls!"
Leon- 4
Kenneth- 4
Evangeline- 1
Yourself- 3
Brianne- 2

 Kenzen: "You have... 10 balls! Sorry, not enough to tie with Evangeline, but you still added 20 points to the pot!!"
Taiha- 2
Evangeline- 4
Brianne- 4

 Kenzen: "Which means..."

Kenzen: "Congratulations Evangeline, you have earned the second exemption!"

Kenzen: "Both you and Brianne will be exempt from tomorrow night's quiz, and are safe from execution!"

Kenzen: "In total, 3 of you went over, while 5 of you didn't- so, 100 points will be added to the pot. Well done, everyone!"

Kenzen: "Um... and I kind of need to leave now, so... bye!"

Kenzen: "OH! And I'm the one who's supposed to pick all the balls up, so... can you all do it for me? THANKS! JUST THINK OF IT AS... 52-CARD PICK UP! BUT, INSTEAD... 158 BALL PICK-UP! HAVE FUN!!!"

 *            *            * 


Already been shown.
(People who really want to find out who the mole is should analyze this mission and all previous missions- you'll find that that's a much easier method than trying to find clues. ;D)

Current Pot: 520/850 

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