Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Episode 7

Opening Video:

  Day 8

Kenneth: “I think I AM cursed... every time I get close to a girl, they get sent home. Oh man, this is not good. I'm just gonna have to give in and spend more time with the guys, maybe if the girls come on to me, they won't get sent away. In other news, though, I am excited for this little trip our man Grey's taking us on! I'm in need of some stress relieving, maybe he'll even let us have some relaxation time in the spa, or go swimming, just somewhere I get let women oogle me for a bit. That'd make me feel better.”


Taiha: “Oh. Poor Ashton... He was such a nice guy..! It's sad to watch people go.
After Selena and Amber left Kenneths been acting kinda strange. After he flirted with the both of them they both got eliminated! Coincidence? I saw him eyeing me off...
I AM A ONE GREY GIRL! BACK OFF DUDE! But maybe if he flirts with me... I'll go next!”

Leon: “Grey said we're going somewhere soon. I wonder where it could be? Maybe a place with a castle... I'd like to live in a castle. I think I'd be a wizard. Leon Covington, THE WIZARD!... That doesn't fit at all.
I was shocked by the double elimination. I'm surprised he didn't tell us earlier. I'm surprised I didn't get sent packing! I really didn't think I did good, I honestly had no clue who the mole was... Maybe I could get everyone drunk and talk it out of 'em! Hahaha!”


 Grey: "Good morning, contestants!"

Everyone: "..."

 Grey: "I said, GOOD MORNING CONTESTANTS!! ...Wow, really, nothing? Well... Guess we don't have any morning people in the group! Did I wake you guys up too early? Well, in any case, the plane you all will be taking to your next destination will be taking off in an hour, so I suggest you get dressed quickly."

 Grey: "You will find out where you're going when we get there, but I will give you a clue by saying that something on the shelf behind me has to do with this place..."

Grey: "Have a safe flight!! And what I really mean by that is, don't crash and die!" ;)

Cole: "Well, gee, thanks..."
Evangeline: "I helped you last time Thomas, and boy, I saw some things that I'll never be able to un-see..."
Kenneth: "Well, in that case, I also need some help changing Evan... joking!"
Leon: "Who's Evan?"
Max: "I use to own a dog named Evan."
Devin: "Hey! Me too! But then he got hit by a car..."
Taiha: "I LOVE YOU GREY!!"
Brianne: "...And I live in a house full of complete and utter imbeciles."

*            *            * 


*            *            * 


 (A few hours later...)

Brianne: "Hm. Not too bad. I've seen better, but at least this place won't have piranha plants trying to eat my face at night."
Evangeline: "It also doesn't have a 500-foot drop to the ground, so that's good."
Courtney: "Yay! We'll all get to live!"

Max: "Interesting place..."
Cole: "Looks a bit small though, don't you think?"

(A mini-tour of the place...)

(And then some random wine cellar... if anyone cares)

*            *            * 

Max: "Wow... neat room!"

Thomas: "I've been expecting you... NOT! JUST KIDDING!! HAHA! GOT YOU!"
Thomas: "Dude... shut up already! You're SO annoying!"
Thomas: "I'm not the one talking to myself, now am I?"
Thomas: "...MOMMY!!!"

Max: 0_o "Alright then.... I'll just take this bed right next to ya if you don't, er... mind."
Thomas: "I don't know... you might need to ask him."
Thomas: "ASK ME WHAT?!"
Thomas: "Nothing."
Thomas: "Wow... you're cool."

Taiha: "I call this bed!!"
Courtney: "Great.... so I get this crappy bed?! THANKS GUYS!"

Brianne: "Who's idea was it again to just lie here for no apparent reason?"
Cole: "I don't know.... wasn't me."
Evangeline: "Nor me... Strange, right? Makes you think there's a higher being above us who controls all of us..."
Turner: "You sure as hell got that right."
Brianne: "What was that Cole?"
Cole: "What? I didn't say anything... That sounded like Kenneth."
Evangeline: "That was definitely a man's voice.... and you're the only dude in here..."
Turner: "Mwhahahahahaha!!"

Kenneth: "Hey, do you guys mind if I crash here? I think all the other beds are taken..."

Leon: "Yeah, sure, no problem... it's like the fire room all over again! Except.... without the fire!"

Kenneth: "Thanks dude."

Kenneth: "Hm... I wonder if there's any hot women around here. I heard that European girls have much bigger-"

*Car horn*
Devin: "...I sure hope you're right on that one!"

*            *            *

Max: “Well, we are at the new location. It was very hard for me and Taiha to get Mr. Fluffers and Dug to get here. However, we are able to find a way to get them into our bags, and Kenneth gave the producers "drinks" where if they drink, they will somehow never be able to see an animal again ever in their life with the exception of humans. Anyways, about the execution, I was surprised it was a double execution. Thank god I had the exemption or else it could of been me tonight. I was glad that my collation didn't get executed tonight. Plus, I was kinda expecting Ashton to go home for some strange reason.”

Courtney: "Ah! Come on!"

Taiha: "Haha! Sucker! You missed!"

Courtney: "Yeah, whatever... Are you playing Max?"
Max: "Nah, I'm good..."

Courtney: "Alright, fine by me... what's on your mind?"
Max: "Ah, it's nothing.... I'm just thinking about all the stray dogs they have here. I mean, did you see how many there were just driving here?! Back at Santa Monica in California, we barely have any strays!"

Taiha: "Hm.... you are right, they do seem to have more stray dogs here. I don't know about cats, they're more independent and probably live in nearby forests and what-not. The stray dogs here probably depend on people feeding them. And that's why cats are better and smarter than dogs..."

Max: "What was that last bit?"
Courtney: "I think she said that cats are-"
Taiha: "No! Shut up Courtney!" *chucks wooden bar-thingy*

*Hits Courtney in the face*
Max: "WOAH! Look out, Taiha! You just hit her in the head!"

Courtney: "I, I... I can't feel my face...."

Taiha: "Oops.... sorry. I have bad aim."

*            *            *

Cole: "Hey Evangeline.... mind if I sit down?"

Evangeline: "No, not at all!"
Cole: "Cool, thanks."

Evangeline: "So..."

Cole: "So how are you?"

Evangeline: "Good, thanks for asking. How are you?"

Cole: "Same... beautiful place, huh?"

Evangeline: "Yeah, I'd say so..."

Cole: "Yeah..."

Cole: "You know, it kind of reminds me of you."
Evangeline: "Oh, it does?"
Cole: "Yeah... I think you're very beautiful as well."

Evangeline: *blushes* "Oh, well, thanks... it's getting dark out... getting a little chilly, dontcha think?"
Cole: "Oh, are you cold? Here-"

Cole: "Is that better?"

Evangeline: "Much better." *giggles*

Cole: "Good... wow, just look at that sky."

*            *            *

Day 9

Thomas: “Wow..well erm, I was rather surprised when the double elimination occurred. I thought I was a goner!”
"Really? I thought you were pretty good.."
"Thanks matey!"
"Joke. HAHAHAHA!!!"
"You meanie *cries* WHERE'S MY MOMMY?!!"
"I took her on a ship and sent her to Norway, she's probably frozen by now."
"HA! Joke again!"
"*BEEP* Bully!"
"Hold your horses mate.."

Brianne: "I have decided that this television show defies logic. Fools like my animal-obsessed roommates and that repulsive man Kenneth are still here. Yet the only person I could relate to, the only person with even an ounce of cleverness and usefulness, was just executed. I had such wonderful plans for our coalition too! We were going to dominate all the idiots in this house. But I suppose all is not lost. If I make it known to the household that I formed a coalition with Amber before she left, perhaps they will suspect that I gave her false information and caused her to do poorly on the quiz. They don't need to know that we never had the time to discuss strategy before her execution. Let them all fear me while I ferret out the true mole. I think that if I "accidentally" let something slip to Thomas the news should pass around the house in no time...”

Brianne: "Thomas? Are you in here?"

Thomas: "Yep! Right here!"

Brianne: "Wha-?! Where are you?"
Thomas: "Down here!"

Brianne: "What in the world?! Why are you in there? Get out of there this instant! You'll catch a cold, or something!"

Thomas: "I was just trying to take a bath... someone is using the bathroom..."

Brianne: *gasps* "Oh my! Where are your pants?!"

Thomas: "I told you, I was taking a bath-"
Brianne: "OH LORD!" *faces away* "You are entirely undressed from the waist down!! You crude, disrespectful, unenlightened boy! How old do you think you are?! 5?! That is just outrageous! You should know better than that, you filthy little you! GAH! No respect! No respect at all for the people around you and for your own body. Please, cover yourself up, I am absolutely mortified and disgusted."

Brianne: "....You dressed yet?"

Thomas: "Yep, fully covered now! I changed from my birthday suit, to my regular suit. HAH! GET IT?"
Brianne: "Are you sure? I don't want to see something I didn't want to see again..."
Thomas: "Um. I think I'm sure... Are we sure Thomas?"
Thomas: "Yep! We're sure!"

Brianne: "Okay, thank you for putting some clothes on. Right... so my point in coming in here was to tell you about something..."

Thomas: "Oh, really? What was it?"

Brianne: "Well... before Amber got executed, we actually formed a coalition. And promise me you won't tell anyone this next part, okay? You have to swear you won't tell anyone."
Thomas: "I promise! I promise!!"

Brianne: "Okay, the secret is... I purposefully tried to get her out!"

Thomas: "Wow, really?! You got your own coalition partner out?!"

Brianne: "Yes, indeed I did! I gave her false information, in hopes that she would fail the quiz and get executed, and my plan worked!"

Thomas: "Wow, I'm impressed! You must be some kind of genius then! Well, I need to, er... um, go take a bath!"
Brianne: "Didn't you just take one?"

Thomas: "Um... yeah! I mean, nope! Stop questioning me! I have to go!"
Brianne: "Alright... remember what I said! It's out little secret, right?"
Thomas: "Yeah, right!!"

*            *            *

Devin: "Aw, what a cute little couple! So young, still so much in love!! I wish Elizabeth and I still had that..."
Leon: "Seriously dude?! Get over yourself! You sound like a girl!"

Thomas: "Guys! I just found out something!"

Thomas: "I know I shouldn't be telling you this, but... BRIANNE GOT AMBER OUT!!!"

Kenneth: "Wait, what? What does that even mean? Brianne can't do that single-handedly."
Leon: "And more importantly, why are you telling us this?"

Devin: "Alright Thomas, it's cool, calm down. Thanks for telling us... Just sit down."
Kenneth: "So what exactly did you mean by that, Thomas? How did Brianne get Amber out?"

Thomas: "Well, Brianne just told me that they had formed a coalition, and then she said that she purposely gave Amber false information about the mole to get Amber to fail the quiz and then get executed."
Leon: "Seems like her plan worked."
Devin: "So what does that even mean?"

Kenneth: "I think it means that Brianne can't be the mole then. It was obviously a secret, only they knew about it... until, for some reason, she decided to tell Thomas about their coalition. The only reason why people form coalitions is to find out more information about the Mole's identity."

Leon: "That's not necessarily true. Sometimes the mole will actually form a coalition just to make it look like they're NOT the mole, and fool people into believing so."
Devin: "...What are you trying to say, Leon?"
Leon: "Nothing..."

Thomas: "So what does that prove? We learned nothing from that? FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC! I KNEW I shouldn't have-"

Brianne: "Hey everyone!"

*Dead silence*

Brianne: "Fine evening, huh? Well, anyway, whatcha yall talking about?"

Thomas: "Um... nothing. Talking about... um, how... penguins walk. I LOVE PENGUINS!"
*Devin kicks Thomas in the shin*
Thomas: "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!"

Brianne: "Well, nice talk everyone! See you around!"

Everyone: "..."
Brianne: *evil grin*

*            *            *

 Courtney: "So, as I was saying, I was so proud of my girl Nocturne for jumping out of that airplane!! I mean, I knew she could do it, she's such a brave girl, but that looked extremely high!!"

 Taiha: "I know! I'm surprised by how many people took the jump last season- our first mission this season wasn't nearly as scary as jumping off a plane without a parachute!! And I was so impressed with my brother, Remy, for jumping too! I thought he'd totally freak out, which he did, but he still jumped!! My family was so proud of him!!!"

 Max: "Can you girls quiet down? Thomas and I are trying to sleep..."

 Taiha: "Oh, sorry Max! Well, goodnight then, Courtney! See all of you in the morning!! I can't wait for the mission, and to finally see Grey again! Yipee!!!"

 Courtney: "Haha, 'night, Taiha!"

(A few hours later....)

Dude #1: "Which one do you want to take?"
Dude #2: (Whispering) "Shh!! Whisper!"

Dude #1: "Sorry!"
Dude #2: "Let's just take this chick..."
Dude #1: "Sounds good to me!"

*Stamping their feet in harmony* 

Courtney: "Wha- What?! AHH! WHO ARE YOU?!"

Dude #2: "You're coming with us. Stay quiet."

Courtney: "Please tell me this is apart of the show..."

Courtney: "Sooo... do either of you want to tell me where you're taking me?"
Dude #1: "Shut up and wear this." *gives her a blindfold*
Courtney: "Yeah... I'm not wearing that. Sorry."
Dude #1: "If you don't, you will receive a force eviction from the show. Grey's orders."
Courtney: "Seriously?! Fine, I'll wear it..." *grunts*

(20 minutes later....)

Dude #2: "Restroom break."

Courtney: "Wait-"

Courtney: "Woah..."

Courtney: "Well, at least I know I'm in Paris!"

Courtney: "Now where are we?"
Dude #1: "I told you to shut up and stay quiet."
Courtney: "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning..."
Dude #1: "Actually, I woke up on the ground."
Courtney: "...?"
Dude #1: "It's a long story..."

Courtney: "Hm...."

Dude #1: "Watch your head sweetheart."
Courtney: "Watch your nuts, asshole." *kicks him there*
Dude #1: "AH! F***!"
Dude #2: "You better watch yourself young lady..."
Courtney: "What's up with all this 'watching'?! You stalker-weirdos..."

Dude #1: *shoves her in*

Courtney: "Hey! Don't touch me your perv!"
*Door slams shut*


*Kicks door*
Courtney: "Bastards..."

Courtney: "Well this is a fun and lively room...not."

Courtney: "F***. Doesn't open. Needs a key... hm..."

Courtney: "Wait..."

Courtney: I wonder if the key could be outside the window... this has to be for a mission, after all...

*There's a glass pyramid out there... trust me. Just take my word for it*

Courtney: "Nice scenery... but no key."

Courtney: *Yawns* "Okay, I'm going back to bed..."

Courtney: "...And I'm not sleeping on that. Hells to the no. CAN SOMEONE GET ME A REAL BED?!"

*            *            *

  Day 10

 Grey: "As the contestants gathered around for breakfast, they soon discovered that something was amiss..."

Max: "Hey has anyone seen Courtney? I haven't seen her this morning..."

Leon: "That's strange... have you checked the bathroom?"

Max: "Courtney? You in here?"

Max: "Hm..."

Max: "She's not in the bathroom, and she's not in our room. She's gone."
*Doorbell rings*

Taiha: "I'll get it! I bet it's Grey!!"

*opens door*

Taiha: "...Who are you?"

Kenzen: "Tell everyone to get dressed and come outside."
Taiha: "Okay..."

*            *            *

Kenzen: "Nice to meet you all! I'm sure you have some questions, like who I am and why Courtney and Grey are missing, so I won't prolong it- my name is Kenzen Summers, and I will be your co-host for the next few days."

Taiha: "What have you done to Grey?! I swear, if you hurt him...."

Kenzen: "Ah, I presume you're that Taiha girl he keeps complaining about? Well, guess what bitch? He's mine, SO STAY THE F*** AWAY!"

Leon: "Woah... chill out people!"
Taiha: "..."

Kenzen: "ANYWAYS! As I was saying, I'm your co-host, because Grey couldn't make it. Apparently they're going to have a co-host every season, and for this season, I'm your man. Any questions? No? That's what I thought. Before I continue with the details of the mission, I need you all to line up in three groups of three; one group is for people who aren't afraid of heights, another is for people who don't get sea-sick, and the third is for the group's best navigators. Do this now."

Devin: "I'm a good navigator! I guess... Not really, the other two just scare me."
Max: "I've played my fair share of video games where you have to navigate around the map, so I volunteer for that one!"
Leon: "If you guys are doing it, I guess I'll just do that one too."
Kenneth: "Sorry, ignore me, I'm just eating Leon's shoulder.... move along now, nothing to see here..."

Taiha: "Ooh! This sounds like fun! I don't get sea-sick, so I call that one!"
Cole: "I don't get sea-sick either, and that sounds like a boat of some sort, so I join that one.
Brianne: "I partake in your two's group."
Evangeline: "All I know is that I'm afraid of heights, so..."
Thomas: "I think that's the only one left... SO IT'S JUST YOU AND ME SISTER! AND KENNETH!!"
Evangeline: "Are you serious? I'm screwed. If it's anything worse than the first mission or the height of my bedroom, I'm not doing it."

(A few minutes later...)

Kenzen: "Alright! Very good! You kids know how to count to three!"
Brianne: "You have a very condescending attitude about you that I bet is bothersome to more than just me."
Kenzen: "Look who's talking! You think I haven't watched the show? I've seen you... and heard all your little snide comments."
Brianne: "I forgot that they air all this nonsense... it's pathetic."

Kenzen: "So as I was saying... This mission is called, "Captured!" and is worth 160 points- and the only way to get all those points, is to find your beloved friend Courtney. And yes, we did have a few of our guys go and kidnap her last night, while she was sleeping. She is now in a holding cell, and all 9 of you will need to work as a team to rescue her."

Kenzen: "You all will be riding in three different modes of transportation- and will be communicating with each other. You will have exactly 2 hours to free her, by finding her cell and using the three keys hidden somewhere along your journey to unlock her. If you can free her within the time limit, all 160 points will be added to the pot... but if you can't, then all those points will go down the drain."

Kenzen: "As you may have guessed, the navigators- Max, Devin, and Leon- will be riding in a van. You guys will be the only group to have a map of France- and remember, Courtney can be anywhere in this entire country."

Kenzen: "Here are your car keys, as well as map with directions to where the van is."

Kenzen: "And, obviously, the people who 'don't get sea-sick', will be riding in a boat- and they are Taiha, Cole, and Brianne. Taiha, here is an instruction manual on how to drive a yacht... I hope someone in your group has some knowledge in steering a boat, so good luck with that."


Kenzen: "Lastly, in the group we have Thomas, Evangeline, and Kenneth- you three, well, you will be riding in a helicopter. Fortunately for you though, you obviously won't be flying it, because... we all know you would crash and die, so that's a plus."

Kenzen: "You will find your group's communication device in your group's mode of transportation, and once you do, you will hear Courtney's 30-second clue to help you all figure out where she is... Also, remember this: If you want an additional clue of her whereabouts, tell me, and I'll let her speak through her walkie-talkie- however, it will only be 10 seconds, and will cost the pot 10 points. So use your extra clues wisely."

Kenzen: "Clock starts... now. And you might want to hurry... you'll find that your friend is a bit, well, uncomfortable.... mwhahahah!"

Max: "What are we waiting for?! Let's go!"

*            *            *
Leon: "There's the van! Come on, let's go!"

Max: "I'm driving!"
Devin: "I call shotgun!"

Taiha: "Guys... I think that's the boat!"

Cole: "Come on then! We're wasting time!"

 Brianne: "Hm.... Nice boat, got to admit. Haven't ridden something like this in years."

Evangeline: "I think we're lost...."
Kenneth: "No, the helicopter should be around here somewhere..."

Pilot: "Welcome to our private airplane and helicopter port. We will be your pilots, please follow us in."

Thomas: "Did we travel back in time?! YES, WE DID!!! WE'RE IN THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD!"

Van Riders

Leon: "Alright, I'll be in control of the map. Devin, you take command of the sound device."

Devin: "Yes boss... speaking of the sound device, didn't that Kenzen guy say that it's a part of the car...?"

Max: "Yeah, should be somewhere on the headboard..." *presses button*

Courtney (through walkie-talkie): "Alright, so I'm in Paris, large building with clock, roman numerals on clock, can see a pyramid and bridge over waterway. Building seems to be made of stone and cement. Near river."

Leon: "Well, I guess this is going to be a road trip to Paris!"
Max: "How far away is that?"
Leon: "About half an hour."
Devin: "Great..."

Boat Riders

(Let's just assume everyone's heard Courtney's message by now...)

Brianne: "Well, judging from the foliage around here, and the direction the water is going, I'd say we must be in some river that leads to the Bay of Biscay."
Cole: "Okay... I guess we're going to have to trust you on that one. Courtney said she's somewhere in Paris... how close is that to here?"

Brianne: "Well... not very close. If I remember correctly, there's a river that leads off the English Channel, that goes through Paris. So that's where we need to go."

Taiha: "OHMAHGOD THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Am I like the only one having a lot of fun already?! I've never steered a boat before.... nor a yacht!"
Cole: "I think I'll be doing that- we can switch off later, but I don't trust anyone else right now. All I need to know is how to get to the English Channel."

Brianne: "It's southeast from here- so right now, we need to get out of here and turn to the right and go around the top corner of France."
Taiha: "Alright, I'll help Cole to steer the ship with the instruction manual, and the first thing it says is to lift up the liftaway- can you do that Brianne?"
Brianne: "Me?! Why do you want me to do it? You know what, fine, I'll do it..."

Taiha: "Alright, so that wooden thing is the steer-"
Cole: "Thanks for the help, Sherlock."
Taiha: "-I'll just ignore that comment. Alright, next step is turning on the engines... should be around here somewhere..."

Cole: "Found it!"
Brianne: "TAIHA!"
Taiha: "Hold on a second..."

Taiha: "Yeah?"

Brianne: "I lifted it up- also, I found the communication device we need to contact with the other contestants through the mission."
Taiha: "Nice job! Come on, we're about to leave port!"

Cole: "Alright, you two girls ready? I think we're ready to start sailing."
Taiha: "Yep, I think we're ready. Brianne found the thingy- can you hear anything in it?"

Brianne: "Not quite... We'll figure it out though."
Cole: "Okay! Here we go!"

Helicopter Riders

Pilot: "WHATEVER...."

Pilot: "OKAY, 3, 2, 1.... HERE WE GO!!"

Evangeline: "Hey guys! I can hear someone! I think it's Brianne!"

Thomas: *rocking back and forth* "Please, save me... Someone out there, please don't let us crash!"

Thomas: "Yep, we're going to die. Definitely going to die today"
Thomas: "Hey! Shut up you! We'll be fine! You little whiner!"
Thomas: "I wish I could believe you..."

Evangeline: "Hey, Thomas... no one here is more scared than me. But we'll be okay, alright? They're experienced pilots, they know what they're doing."
Thomas: "If you say so..."

Kenneth: "Woah.... CAREFUL ON THE SWERVES GUYS! I really don't want to fall off of this and end up as a big pile of spaghetti... no girl wants that!"

Van Riders

Time Left: 1h 36m

Max: "Okay, we're getting closer... I think we're almost there!"
Leon: "Yep, we just left Bourges so we should be in Paris in a matter of minutes."

Devin: "Wait... I think we're getting a transmission from someone!" *pushes button* "Can you hear me?"
Evangeline: "Yes, I can hear you! Who is this?"
Devin: "It's Devin... Are you guys heading over to Paris?"
Evangeline: "Yes, and apparently so are the boat people- Brianne told me."
Devin: "That's good... okay, we'll talk to you guys later!"
Evangeline: "Bye!"

 Max: "Okay, so that's good- everyone got the memo that Courtney's in Paris. Think we should ask for an additional clue though? I mean, once we get there, what are we going to do? We don't know enough information as it is."

Leon: "Let's just wait first... Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's cross that bridge once we get there."

Max: "Fine- I guess we just need to find a building across from a pyramid, and also has a large roman-numeral clock above it. Shouldn't be too hard."

Devin: "Paris is a big place though... you never know."

Boat Riders

Taiha: Oh Today on the boat was terrible. Brianne and Cole are such Buzz-kills. They were having like... no fun at all with this mission. I thought it was quite a relaxing and laid back time. I got to lay in the sun and watch the water. I wish it were me that was kidnapped though!"

Taiha: "Ah, this is so relaxing! I love this mission!! I wish we could have brought Mr. Fluffers though... he loves the water!"

Brianne: "I'm sure that little brat does... Stop disturbing me now, I'm trying to get some sleep. Those two little lovebirds were talking all night, and making sounds- ugh, gross, forget I said anything. It's dastardly, I tell you... I'm trying to get some sleep in there and they're... 'romanticizing' like there isn't a damn tomorrow! And pardon my language."
Taiha: "Wait- Evangeline and Cole?! They're together?! Since when? I didn't know-"

Cole: "Hey, are you two done sunbathing yet? We're almost there... I think. We should be entering the English Channel."

Cole: "Hello?! If you guys aren't going to help, then that's fine by me! I could just screw the mission, but I actually want to accomplish something. But it's your choice."

Taiha: "Sorry Cole! I thought you didn't need our help! I'll be up in a minute... I need something to drink first though, I'm super thirsty."
Brianne: "Can you get me a drink too while you're at it?"
Taiha: "Sure! Soda?"
Brianne: "...What's soda?"
Taiha: "...Soda. Like root beer? Pepsi? Coca-cola?"

Brianne: "Ohhh... you mean those sickly carbonated beverages for kids? No thanks, I'll have some coffee- scratch that, can I have some tea? Make sure you heat it up just right, my family's butler could never get it right, that man. He always heated it up too much, or not enough. But anyway, I'd also like you to only put in one spoonful of sugar, anymore than that-"
Taiha: "...Brianne."
Brianne:  "-makes it no good. Also, bring me a plate too, that's the proper way to sip tea."
Taiha: "Brianne."
Brianne: "Also, could you slice up a lemon for me? Make it precisely a centimeter thick, our butler couldn't get that right either..."

Taiha: "BRIANNE!!"
Brianne: "...What? Oh my, I'm so sorry! I'm afraid I've gotten into my old habits again... scratch all of that, water is fine."
Taiha: "Are. You. Serious. Right. Now?!" -.-

Taiha: "Hm... What's this silver thing?"

Taiha: "It's a key! It must be the key we need to unlock Courtney!! Wait... it says 'exemption' on the side of it... I guess I just got another exemption!! Yipee!" :D

Taiha: "Guess I shouldn't say anything in case there's another one hidden..."

Helicopter Riders

Thomas: "Ooh... is that the Eiffel Tower?!"
Evangeline: "It is! Sweet! We're almost in Paris!"

Evangeline: "Now... I guess we just wait. Devin said they're almost there, and so did Brianne. I hope we can all get there in time!"

Kenneth: "I absolutely agree- but tell me, have you ever had a boyfriend?"
Evangeline: "What?!"

Kenneth: "Have you ever had a boyfriend? That's all I'm asking."

Evangeline: "Um... that's none of your business. Why you so curious? Trying to hit on me again? Please. And in answer to your question, yes, I do have a boyfriend."

Kenneth: "Bet he has never taken you somewhere nice. Like France. If I had a girl like you, I would take you anywhere your heart desired."
Evangeline: "As flattering as that is, I'm telling you right now I'm not interested. And no, he hasn't taken me anywhere nice because we've just met. And actually, we are in France together. So HA!"

Kenneth: "Sorry I asked.... a man can't try and compliment a taken woman anymore, can they?"
Evangeline: "Guess not..."
Kenneth: "Wait... you said you just met... and he's here?! Who is it? Max?!"
Evangeline: "What?! No!"
Kenneth: "Oh... it's Cole, isn't it?"
Evangeline: "...Maybe it is, maybe it isn't."
Kenneth: "Good chat."
Evangeline: "Yep..."

Thomas: "...Sorry if I missed something, but.... have you guys been doing it?"
Kenneth: "Haha!! You're funny, little dude."

Evangeline: "HOW DARE YOU!" *baby barfs* "Ugh... Ew, no, no, just no."

Evangeline: "Don't EVER say that again... and if you do, I'll throw you off the edge."
Thomas: "What's the problema? By 'it', I only meant fighting..."
Evangeline: *facepalm* "You need help..."
Thomas: "Hey! Don't hit yourself in the head! I know we sometimes get angry at ourselves, but it's not good to abuse ourselves! That's what my mommy told me when my alter-ego would come and start punching me in the face."
Kenneth: "Dude... shut up now."


Van Riders

Time Left: 1h 3m

Leon: "We've been circling around this neighborhood forever. Let's just stop right here- we know this has to be the river Courtney's locked up next to, there's no other river around here."

Max: "Okay, let's at least ask some locals if they know anything..."

Leon: "Sure... if they can speak English!"

*Rolls down window*

Max: "Hey, do you guys know any pyramids around here?"
Random Pedestrian: "Hm... Well, there is-"


Max: "Thanks for the help!" *Presses on pedal*
Leon: "What the HELL was that?! Devin! What's a matter with you? Why would you say that?! And Max, why did you speed off?!?!"
Max: "I don't want to get arrested! They'd probably call the cops on us after that comment!!"
Devin: "Sorry guys... couldn't resist... been wanting to say it since the mission started...."

Random Pedestrian: "Uh... what just happened?"

 Max: "Okay... we get out here."

Devin: "Hey, I just realized something... Didn't Selena live here? In France, I mean."

Leon: "Yeah.... she did, huh?!"
Devin: "I think so!! Man, that sucks! Why did she have to be executed first?! We could have totally aced this mission already if she was still in the game, she probably would have known Courtney's location in a second!"

Max: "Do you guys still want to do that hint?"

Leon: "Sure, let's do it... it's going to cost 10 grand, but it's better to be safe than sorry."

Kenzen: "Hello?"

Devin: "Is that-"
Leon: "Shh!"
Max: "Hey Kenzen, it's Max- we need a hint."

Kenzen: "Okay, this hint is going to cost 10 points. This is from Courtney, by the way... her hint to you is: Bridge over river has multiple arches."

 Max: "Alright, thank you."
Kenzen: "No problem- I'll tell the other groups the same clue." *click*

Max: "Okay.... let's go find that bridge!"

Boat Riders

Taiha: "Wooh! I feel so much power from this ship! Just controlling it makes me feel.... like a god! A goddess, for that matter!"
Cole: "Anyway, where do you think we're at now Brianne?"
Brianne: "Well, this sure looks like the Seine River- it's the main river that goes through Paris, it's pretty wide. This is the only way we'll be able to help the group, we're no help from the ocean."

Taiha: "Okay, I got this guys, I can steer the boat from here! Just sit back, and enjoy the ride!"

Brianne: "Yeah, sure thanks..."
Cole: "A much needed relaxation... I've been standing there for over an hour!"

Cole: "What the?!"

Cole: "What did I just sit on? It was something sharp..."

*Picks it up*

Brianne: "Is that they key we need?"
Cole: "I think it is! Cool!"

Cole: "Hm... You should tell the others, so they know that it should be somewhere close by."

Brianne: "Will do."

*Boat lurches to the left*

Taiha: "Oops... sorry about that... should have warned you on that one."

Helicopter Riders



Pilot: "WE HAVE LANDED! You may now all dissemble!"
Thomas: "Woah... I'm a bit wobbly..."

Kenneth: "Let's get outta here. Getting a bit too cramped."

*Helicopter takes off*

Evangeline: "And just like that... it's gone."

Thomas: "Ooh! By the way guys, I found this..." *pulls out key from pocket*
Kenneth: "Oh, that would have been nice of you to have told us before... Where did you find it?"
Thomas: "I don't remember now..."
Evangeline: "Okay, we have it now, so that's good. Brianne said they've found theirs, so we can only hope the guys in the van have found their key."

Evangeline: "Oh, and I should probably get them to come pick us up..." *pushes a button* "Hello? Devin? You guys there?"

Evangeline: "Anyone? Max? Leon? Where are you guys?!"

 Kenneth: "That's weird... how come they're not responding?"

Evangeline: "I don't know... they must have abandoned their van somewhere. Great. Now what? Are we going to have find this place on our own now? The ship people don't know any more than us either."

Thomas: "Well... We did see that bridge over the river, right? At least, I did. We're not too far from there, we could walk."

Evangeline: "HEY! Kenneth! Where are you going?!"
Kenneth: "GETTING HELP!"

Van Riders

Time Left: 31 minutes

Leon: "I see the bridge! I think that's it!"

Max: "Okay, now that we found the bridge... what's next?"

Taiha: "Guys... is that... the van riders?! Max, Devin, and Leon?"

Taiha: "It is! And that must be the bridge that Courtney is locked up next to! Why else would they be on it?!"

Taiha: "Take the wheel Cole!"

Taiha: "GUYS! IT'S TAIHA!!"

Devin: "Wait... did you hear that?"

Devin: "Did someone just yell... Taiha?"

Devin: "Oh my god! Max! Leon! It's the ship! I can see Taiha, and Cole and Brianne on it! Guys, it's them!!"


Taiha: "Haha, yes! It's them! Pull over and park this thing, Cole!! I'll go un-role the staircase."
Cole: "It's not a car...It's a boat."

*pushes button*

Brianne: "Hey, Evangeline? You there? It's Brianne... we found the others! And we're at the bridge. Let me know when you need directions on how to get here."

Cole: "Alright! I think we're good! Not the best at docking a boat, but as long as it doesn't go sailing away by itself, we'll be fine!"

Taiha: "Come on! Hurry! We don't have much time left!"

 Helicopter Riders

Kenneth: "But anyway, like I was saying, I used to work in my dad's winery, he would have me crush all the grapes, and whenever my feet would get sore from doing it, I'd have to use my hands to crank the lever."

Winery Girl: "Wow, sounds like exhausting work! You know... I wonder what else you can do with your hands..."

Kenneth (seductively): "You don't even know the number of things I can do with just my pinky alone..."
Winery Girl: *giggles*

  Kenneth: "By the way, has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are? They're possibly the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen before."

Winery Girl: "Oh, haha, thanks! No, no one has ever told me that before! You know... you sure know how to please a woman..."

Evangeline: "Kenneth! What's taking you so long?"

Evangeline: "Oh, great, I see what's going on here... flirting up a storm in here, aren't you? Let me guess... you didn't ask her for help on the mission, did you?"

Kenneth: "Wow! You are such a good guesser! I'm so proud of you!! How did you know?!"

Evangeline: "Ugh, I'm so done with you..."
Thomas: "While you were gone, us 3- I mean, erm, 2, called Grey for an extra clue."
Kenneth: "You mean Kenzen?"
Thomas: "Nope, we meant Grey. Who's Kenzen?"
Evangeline: "How in the world did I end up with you two?!"

Evangeline: "Anyway, the clue was, from Courtney: 'Clock on building is made of roman numerals'. Ring any bells to you chick?"

Winery Girl: "Hm.... that can be a few possibilities... Does it have to be in Paris? Because that definitely sounds like the Big Ben."

Evangeline: "No, it needs to be here. It's also supposed to be a building next to a river... and a bridge. We saw this bridge while flying in the helicopter, but it would be better to know what the building actually is."

Winery Girl: "Well that confirms it! Where you need to go, it's called the Musee D'Orsay- it's a local museum, right across from the Louvre museum. I'm sure you've heard of that one, that's the museum that holds the Mona Lisa painting."

Evangeline: "Okay, thank you for your help!"
Kenneth: "Time to go, I guess."

Winery Girl: "Wait-!!"

Kenneth: *smiling* "Yeah?"

Winery Girl: "You forgot something..."

Kenneth: "Oh yeah?"

Winery Girl: "I'll never forget you, American-boy!"

Evangeline: "What the hell took you so long?!"

Thomas: "We're on a timer, you know that, right?"

Kenneth: "Think I give a shit for this damn mission? A man needs to release some steam time from time... Maybe if some of the females in the house showed me their stuff and let me have some fun, I wouldn't have stalled the mission. But unfortunately, that's not the way it's been, has it?"

Evangeline: "Oh, god, you're just a disgusting little perverted man-whore. A dog, even."
Kenneth: "Anything else? I'm finding this very amusing!"
Thomas: "We're wasting time! Let's go!"

Van & Boat Riders

 Time Left: 7 minutes

Taiha: "Hey guys!"

Devin: "Is it just me, or is there a big clock on the tower up there?"
Max: "Nope, not just you..."
Leon: "Then that has to be it! That has to be where Courtney is locked up!"

 Helicopter Riders

Kenneth: "Oh well... we tried. Mind as well just give up now... we've ran forever, and I need to rest."

Thomas: "Um... I think I found the tower... and the glass pyramid..."

Kenzen: "Ah... nice to see all of you again! Well... most of you. Hm... seems like not all of you are here! Remember, everyone needs to be here in order to complete the challenge. And you now have..." *checks watch* "4 minutes left!!"

Kenzen: "Better hope the helicopter peeps get here soon!"

 Evangeline: "Brianne? You there?"
Brianne: "Yeah? Are you almost here? We have approximately four minutes left."
Evangeline: "Yeah, we're here... can you tell everyone to scream like crazy so we can find you?"

*Everyone yelling and screaming Evangeline's, Kenneth's, and Thomas's names*

Kenneth: "I can hear them!"
Thomas: "Found them!"

Evangeline: "We better hurry!"

 (A couple of minutes later...)

Thomas: "We're here!"

Kenzen: "You have less than 2 minutes left, before the bell above us goes off."

Kenzen: "And once it does... this mission will be over."

Cole: "Then we have no time to waste! Who has the other keys?"
Thomas: "I have ours!"

Cole: "It's a three-key lock... I need yours."
*Thomas gives key to Cole*

*Puts them in*

 Cole: "Alright, we have two... where's the third?"

Kenzen: "Ooh... bummer. 1 minute left."

Brianne: "I swear to god, if one of you is holding back a key..."
Max: "Um... I don't think we found a key..."
Taiha: "So after all of this work, we lose? 160,000 dollars, gone, just like that?"

Leon: "Wait!! I think I have it!"
*sigh of relief from everyone*

Cole: "Hurry up and put it in already!"

Leon: "Sorry guys... it was in the map Kenzen gave us. I didn't see it at first."

*unlocks door*

Courtney: "FINALLY! What the hell took everyone so long?!"

Courtney: "The only good thing that came out of this is that I got an exemption from one of those chests... I found a key under the candle, and once I unlocked one, it contained a slip of paper that said exemption! Haha, but anyways....Yuck! I need a shower... and I'm starving. Anyone got any food?"

Devin: "I had a fiber bar."
Courtney: "Okay... where is it?"
Devin: "Well, I kind of ate it... sorry."
Courtney: -.-

Taiha: "Wait... I have one of those keys!"

Courtney: "Um... you do?"

*takes out exemption key found in boat refrigerator, puts it in key hold*

Taiha: "... Guess what I got?! Haha, boo-yeah! Exemption!"

*Bell rings... or bongs... or bangs... something like that*
 Kenzen: "Well, and with that, today's mission is now officially over."

Kenzen: "Nice job contestants! You completed this mission with only seconds to spare. However, since you did use 2 additional helps, I'll be taking 20 points off, but that's still 140 points that's going directly into the pot. Good job to all!"

Kenzen: "And, a specially good job to Courtney and Taiha, for you both found and received the hidden exemptions for this mission. You will both be exempt from the next quiz and execution."

Kenzen: "That is all I have for you today. Go get some rest!"

*         *          *

Mission Scores/Results:

Originally 160 points:
20 docked off for two additional hints, and 15 points docked off for 3 separate rule-breakings.

So, the total earned for this mission is 120 points.

Current Pot: 420/690

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