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Episode 13

Opening Video:

 Day 18

Brianne: "I will admit, this execution ceremony I was nervous. As smart as I am, this mole continues to elude me. I had a strong feeling that I would be executed, and then I would never see Kenz- um, Kenneth again. That's right, I would never see Kenneth again, which would mean that I would never be able to express my displeasure with his treatment of women, and that would be a shame. Yes, I meant to say that.” *nervous laughter*

Kenneth: “So... ever since that incident with the shower, and me losing my towel in front of Evangeline TOTALLY accidental, might I add... I've been getting very approving and cheeky looks from the girls. They are definitely looking at me differently... I don't seem to creep them out as much. Haha, I knew I'd grow on them I just didn't think it would have to take me being naked for that to happen! Maybe I should have just bared all from day one. Who knows what I'd have been doing then! Heheh. I wonder if this means I can go back to my old Kenneth ways. It's so hard to try to not say what I'm thinking when I'm looking at something fine. And now Evangeline knows what she's got to work with... and what I have that Cole doesn't... maybe she'll warm up to me. Though I still want her bad talk. I don't want her all loveydovey. No darling, and sweetcheeks for me. She can still call me the worst thing's under the sun. Let's see what she's got for me.”

Taiha: "Did you know, that cats live longer lives than dogs? And- and... On average, cats are less likely to run away from their owners than dogs..."

Taiha: *continues mumbling pro- cat facts*

Brianne: "Hm..." *puts book down*

Brianne: "Hey, Taiha? How you holding up over there? Just so you know, I'm pretty upset at Max's departure as well, so don't think you're alone in this. He was... my, ummm... 'friend', too."
Taiha: "I'm fine, thanks...." (mumbling to self:) "...cats usually cuddle more with their owners than dogs... Oh! ... and cats would rather give you their food then eat it for them self... Dogs are so selfish..."

Brianne: *sigh* "You know... Cats are pretty... Um... What term do people use these days? Oh, yes! Cats are pretty cool, yanno. I mean... They are just so polite and can be very well-mannered... Much more dignified than dogs..."

Taiha: "Oh, yeah, thanks for agreeing..."

Brianne: "You're very welcome. Taiha, I'm not that great at this, but if you need anyone to talk to-"

Taiha: "I'm good. Thanks. Let's go play Mr. Max- I mean. Mr. Meow. Yes. Mr. Meow."

Taiha: "Anything else?"

 Brianne: "Er... No, not really. That's all I wanted to say... Take care Taiha. Be happy you're still in this game, and that Mr. Snowball here is still with you. Not to mention you still have Grey, he's not going anywhere."

Taiha: *nods*

Taiha: "This way Dug- I mean-!" *sighs* 

Brianne: “With Max gone, Taiha has been surprisingly disconsolate. Considering their abundant arguments that consisted of them shouting at each other: "dog," "cat," "dog," "cat," one would believe that Taiha would be happier. Instead, she is spending much of her time staring into space and composing pro-cat arguments in her head, occasionally speaking aloud if she finds one that she considers especially compelling. As a depressed Taiha is a disturbing sight, I attempted to cheer her up by commenting that cats are indeed the most refined of animals (when they are properly trained and do not do undignified things like urinate in the house, claw on the furniture, or present their owner with dead rodents). Her mood did not seem improved by my remarks. I do not understand this sadness, I could not be happier over this turn of events. No more vile dog hair on my bed, no more barking at absurd hours of the night! And one less contestant standing between me and my well-deserved prize money.”

*            *            *

Kenneth: *humming*

 Evangeline: "Kenneth."

Kenneth: "...Evangeline."

Kenneth: "So, uh... You doing laundry too?"

Evangeline: "It appears so, yes."

Kenneth: "Cool."
Evangeline: "Yep. Very cool."
Kenneth: "Yeah..."
Evangeline: "..."

Kenneth: "...Right. So I heard that you and Cole got in a pretty big fight last night?"

Evangeline: "Oh, it was... It was nothing. Just a little disagreement, that's all."

Kenneth: "From what I heard, it was a bit more than that... Are you two, like... still toge-"

 Evangeline: "Hey. Mind if I take my shirt off? I forgot, I need to wash this too."

Kenneth: ".....Um, no... Not at all. Do whatcha gotta do..."

 Evangeline: "Thanks Ken." *removes shirt and begins to take off sweats*

 Evangeline: "Gosh, that feels SO much better now... Ahhh..."

 Kenneth: "Sooo...."
Evangeline: "Haha, whatcha thinking? What's on your mind, Kenny?"

Kenneth: "Oh, nothing, just thinking..."

Evangeline: "Thinking? About what?"

Kenneth: "Um.... ahahahaha, you know... stuff."
Evangeline: "Actually, I don't know. What stuff are you thinking about?"

 Kenneth: "Uh... You know... Mole... stuff. That's right. Mole stuff."

 Evangeline: "Mole stuff. Really? That's what you're thinking right now when you're the only person in the room with an extremely attractive girl like me, half naked?"
Kenneth: "Yep. That's right. That's what I'm thinking and I'm sticking to it."

Evangeline: "You know, you are REALLY adorable without your glasses on, you know that?"
Kenneth: "Um... Thanks? Not trying to sound rude here, but you have a boyfriend-"

Kenneth: "-Woah!"
 Evangeline: "Oh, just shut up and kiss me, you know you've been wanting it for weeks now!!"
Kenneth: "I, but-!!"

 Evangeline: "Wow. You are such an amazing kisser. A bajillion times better than Cole... hehe!"
Kenneth: "Ditto. I mean, not like I'VE kissed Cole or anything to know- I mean, wait! I-"
Evangeline: "Stop holding back, frat-boy! Give me all you've got!"
Kenneth: "But- ...Oh, what the f**k!! Hop aboard the Kenneth express before it leaves the station, baby!"

Evangeline: "Wooh!!! Heheeee!!"
  *            *            *

 Leon: "So... That's it? Just like that, I'm now your 'sidekick'?

 Thomas: "Yep! That's it! ...Wait, you still need to make the pledge! The pledge to join my superhero force is as follows, and please recite after me: 'I pledge to be a superhero, and to fight my hardest to keep the civilians of this house safe. I also pledge to help the cause of good vs. evil, and to help plan the revenge attack on the EVIL AND MOST DIABOLICAL MR. FLUFFERS!!!' "

Leon: "Er... Can we just forget the pledge and go on to the part where I get my superhero name?"

Thomas: "Oh, right... Yeah, the pledge thing was more for the other me than it was for you... 'Tis alright though..."

 Thomas: "But that's right! How could I have forgotten?! As my new sidekick and partner-in-action, you need a name! Hmm... Any ideas?"

 Leon: "Well, I was thinking something along the lines of 'Leon the Liger' or 'Leon Dark Knight' or even "Leon Dark Wizard'.... OH! How about 'Celestial Man'?! I really like aliens and space! I could be the crime fighter of the celestials! Or how about-"

 Thomas: "-No. None of those will work."
Leon: "Um... Why not?"
Thomas: "Because I don't like them. As your master, I get to choose your name."
Leon: "But-"
Thomas: "No buts! If you want to work for me, you follow my orders!! Okay?! Now... I came up with the perfect name... From this moment on, as my trustworthy sidekick, you shall now be known as...."


Leon: "How do you like it?"

 Leon: "Well, I would have preferred something a bit more masculine, but-"
*Sound of a woman screaming very loudly*

Thomas: "Did you hear that ?! That's the sound of someone in need! This is our very first mission as a partnership! Do you think you're ready for the challenge?"
Leon: "Um... sure, but-"

Leon: "What did I get myself into..." *le sigh*

  *            *            *

Brianne: "Someone... Please help me.... SOMEONE! AHHHH!! NO NO NO!! GET BACK! STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU LITTLE DEVILS!"

Chipmunk: *squeal*
Mr. Meow: "Meow."

Brianne: "Gah! Get it away from me! Get it away from me! AHHH!! Someone please get rid of this damned to hell feline!!"

Leon: "And um, Wonder Hair Boy if anyone cares..."


 *Raises back, hisses*

 Thomas: "Oh, don't you dare hiss at me, you little devil!! Imma beat you up, Irish style!"
"And um, no one ask what that means..."

Thomas: "Aha! He shouldn't be bothering you anymore, ma'am!"

Brianne: "That was very nice of you Thomas, but... The thing it brought in... It's staring at me! Get rid of it! It's like it's staring into my soul!!" 
Thomas: "Wonder Hair Boy. Chop chop. This is where you come in."
Leon: "Huh-?! Oh! Right! My bad, sorry Bri- I mean, Ma'am..."

Brianne: "Ah! I can't look! Just kill it already!" 
Leon: "Huh? What are you talking about, I'm not going to kill it!! It's just a cute little baby chipmunk!"

Thomas: "Good job, sidekick! Make sure to take that super villain as far away as possible from our innocent civilian here."
Leon: "Yeah, right... Got it. Again, people: Just a chipmunk. Not evil. Not going to kill you. Jesus christ..."

Brianne: "I'm so glad you were here to save me, Thomas! That annoying little pest of a cat was backing me into the pond... I nearly fell in! If that happened, that would be the end of Taiha's little vexatious pet."

 Thomas: "Well, I'm just glad you're safe! And hey, my enemy's enemy is my friend, so that means... You're my friend! Yay! I now have a total of two friends in this house! Well, there's also Evangeline, but I'm not too sure about her... She's with the evil Wolverine dude, so she could be an evil witch for all I knew!"

 Brianne: "Haha, you always find a way to amuse me, Thomas, even though you have the brain capacity of a 5-year-old... and I DESPISE children..."

Cole: "Hey, has anyone seen Evangeline? Or Kenneth for that matter? I can't seem to find them... And I've looked EVERYWHERE...."

Leon: "I'm afraid not, no. Oh god.... I hope this isn't for another mission like that mission Courtney got kidnapped in... That mission was exhausting!"

Cole: "Well, I don't think so... I think we would know by now. They got to be SOMEWHERE...hmm... Let me check the basement again."


Cole: "Come on now, seriously! Where are you?! Evan-"
*hears thumping in the laundry room*

Cole: "Oh, so THAT'S where you are... Of course, the only room in the entire house that I didn't check..."

Cole: "Look, if this is about the fight we had last night, I just want to say that I'm sorry if I-"

Cole: "Ah! WHAT THE F**K?!"


Kenneth: "Oh, shit! He caught us!"
Evangeline: "No really, shitlock?"

Cole: "Evan- Evangeline... How could you?!"

 Cole: "I can't believe this.... You two are sickening. I can't even begin to comprehend this..."

Evangeline: "Gah, get off of me, you pig!"

Evangeline: "Cole, wait!"
Cole: "Wait? Hah. Not like I can leave this damn house anyway..."

Kenneth: "Dude, it's not what it looks like-"


Evangeline: "This isn't going to end well..."

 Kenneth: "Yes, that's true, but-"

Evangeline: *gasps loudly* "Huh! Cole!!"

 Kenneth: *gets up* "Why you son of a b****... YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?!?!"

Cole: "Gah!!!"

Evangeline: "Um... Help? Someone? Grey? Show production? Aren't you guys supposed to stop this?"
Grey (through intercom): "Nope. We're not. Sorry."
Evangeline: "What do you mean you're sorry? Do something! They're going to kill each other!"
Grey: "Um... No. Can't do anything. Sorry for any inconvience."
Evangeline: "Wow... I'm just so astonished right now. Nothing? Absolutely nothing? No security guards or anything?"
Grey: "Um... Affirmative."
Evangeline: "I mean, REALLY, no one?!"

Evangeline: "No need to be rude, god! So why- COLE!! OMG! Are you okay?!"

Evangeline: "Someone help them!! They're both badly injured and I think Cole has been knocked out!"

Kenneth: *gasping for breath* "Arghhh..."

Cole: "Oww...."
Evangeline: "Cole! You okay?! I thought you got knocked out!!"

Cole: "I'm fine. Thanks for pretending to care."
Kenneth: "Can't breathe.... gahh..."

Cole: "Oh, and in case it wasn't already clear, my 'miss Evangeline'... We're over. You betrayed me for no reason. Not only did you cheat on me, but you cheated on me with HIM... Really?! Kenneth, of all people? You're pathetic. What makes you even more pathetic is that you decided to do this on national television, so now everyone in the world knows how much of a s**t you are."

Evangeline: *gasps* "But, but-... Cole! I didn't mean to-"
Cole: "Nope. That's it. We're done. It was nice knowing you Evangeline."

Evangeline: "But... Where do you think you're going?! You can't hide from me forever! We're both here to stay until one of us gets executed, so... yeah."

Evangeline: "Well... you alright Kenneth?"

Kenneth: "Uhh... yeah, I'm good." *coughs* "Might be aching for a few days and my jaw stings like a b****, but I'll live."
Evangeline: "Well, that's good."

Kenneth: "Soo... uh, if you'll excuse me, I need to put my clothes in the dryer..."

Evangeline: "....."

*            *            *


  Day 19

Grey: "Welcome to your next mission, contestants!!"

 Grey: "You guys got a brief description of the mission before getting here, but I'll go more in detail... Alright, so this mission is called, "Build-A-Sim Workshop", and is worth a total of 165 points. Here's how it works: each of you will have a different role in this mission- The Creator, 5 Workers, and The Guesser. The Creator will have to come up with a person; it can be anyone in the world, real, fictional, cartoon, alive, or dead- doesn't matter. As long as it's human, it counts. Then, the 5 Workers will take turns modeling this; each changing a different aspect of their body."

 Grey: "The Workers will be doing their part of the mission alone in this building..."

Grey: "...and in this room. It is a high quality styling and modeling room, full of anything you might need to dress and change the physical features of our poor volunteer who will have to go through this whole process... But anyways, the Workers are numbered 1-5, and each can only change the features defined in their description. #1 will be body, #2 hair, #3 face, #4 clothing waist up, and #5 is clothing waist DOWN... accessories included."

Grey: "Once Worker #5 is finished, the final product of the target sim is done. Then, it all comes down to the Guesser, who must guess who this person is supposed to represent; They must state their whole name and what they're from, if they are indeed from something."

Grey: "Before you guys got here, you determined that Kenneth would be the Creator, correct?"
Kenneth: "That's correct."

 Grey: "And you also determined the first worker... Which is Brianne. To my understanding, Kenneth, you should have already told Brianne the target person, and Brianne, you have already made a description of the target sim's body... like height, age, skin color, weight, etc..."
Brianne: "You would be right, yes."

Grey: "Good. So, what we did was get a list of 200 volunteers of various ages, weights, skin tones, all that fun stuff. Using your description Brianne, we picked the volunteer that best followed what you said. She will be labeled the Original Sim, while throughout this mission, you guys will be trying to turn her into the Target Sim."

Grey: "Good luck contestants, and if you couldn't already tell, there are no exemptions in this mission..."

Grey: "The rest of you, please sort yourselves out into your respective positions."

 (A few minutes later...)

Grey: "Okay, so- Worker #2 is Cole, #3 Evangeline, #4 Taiha, and #5 is Leon... And the Guesser will be Thomas.... Really? You guys made THOMAS the guesser?! What a bunch of idiots you guys are, there goes this mission! Imbeciles... Oh! And the name of the target sim is written down in the makeover room, so obviously, workers- make sure to look at that so you know what to do. And don't say anything about the identity of the target sim out here, since the Guesser, Thomas, can hear it."

Grey: "Anyways, let's get going."

 Grey: "Brianne, the original sim that you 'made' is about to come down the red carpet... Now that your part in the mission is over, you may sit down. Kenneth, you may sit down too, since your part in the mission is also over."

Grey: "And... drum roll please..... Here she is!'

Grey: "Wow... You sure are a erm..." *coughs* "Pretty girl. Yeah. Nice style."
??: "Thanks!!"

Grey: "Alright, it is now your turn Cole. As Worker #2, the ONLY features of her body that you may change, is her hair. You obviously don't have much to work with in this girl, so feel free to use the wigs provided."

Cole: "Alright, here we go... This should be fun... Not. I'm screwed... Times like these I wish I was more of a tomgirl..."

Cole: "Right... I know who the target sim is, and their hair is much longer and a different color than yours... So I think I need to find a wig and maybe even spray paint it too... Spray paint? Is that the term you use for hair products? Ah, whatever, let's just get this over with..."

Grey: "Cole is done, so... Let's see his results! Stroll down the red carpet so all can see, please!"

Grey: "Good, thank you... Remember contestants- you should take notes on her new appearance each time, so you can catch any mole activity that may happen. The more details, the better!"

Grey: "Alright, so after Cole is Evangeline."

??: "So... What do you want me to do?"

Evangeline: "Um... Well... Not exactly sure. I have to change your face some how... So this might get a bit awkward, just saying. The target sim has a big-ass nose, so maybe they have plastic surgery stuff somewhere..."
??: "Wait... Plastic surgery?! I didn't sign up for that! I thought I was getting a makeover from professionals... you guys have no idea what you're doing! Great, just great! Who is this 'target sim' anyways? I hope she's pretty..."

Evangeline: "About that... Yeah, she's not. Sorry. Okay... Let me think. I wonder if they have fake noses in here? Probably not... We'll see. I also need to find some makeup... I LOVE makeup!! So glad I got this part in the mission! Prepare yourself girl, because I'm going to screw your face!"
??: "You're gonna what?!"
Evangeline: "I mean up! Screw UP your face... yeah..."
??: "Still, I don't want my face screwed up!! I'm calling my lawyer!"

Grey: "The new remodeled version of our lovely sim here is coming out right now! Take mental notes, everybody!"

Grey: "Wow, what a difference! Your face looks very different!"
??: "Yeah, I know... I'm HIDEOUS!"

Grey: "Next up... Taiha."
Taiha: "Yay!! It's finally my turn! YIPEE!!"
Grey: "Calm thyself."
Taiha: "I LOVE YOU GREY!!"
Grey: "Aw, Jesus, here we go again..." *facepalm*

Taiha: "Woot! This is going to be so much fun!! I get to dress you up like how I use to dress my dolls!"
??: "That's not... weird at all."

Taiha: "Okay, so I'm clothes waist up... I need to find you a pink t-shirt and some glasses. I should be able to find the shirt in here... Might be trickier to find the glasses though."

Taiha: "OMG NO WAY! A KITTEH SWEATSHIRT?! ME WANTS!! Is it okay if I like, steal this...? IT'S JUST SO ADORABLE, HOW COULD I RESIST?!"

??:  (0_0) "Someone's obsessed..."

??: "Hey ya'll! Getting sexier by the second!"

Grey: "Okay, last but not least..."

Grey: "Leon! You're next."

Leon: "So..."
??: "Soooo what?"
Leon: "Not sure what to do here..."
??: "We could like, I don't know... Make-out?"
Leon: "What?!"
??: "Nothing!"

Leon: "Okay, just get on here, I guess, and try out these shoes I found. Hopefully they'll fit, they match the target sim's shoes pretty well."

Leon: "Now, I just need to find some jeans..."

Grey: "Ladies and Gentlemen, and everything in between.... I present you... THE FINAL PRODUCT!!"

??: "I'm a person, not a toy for crying out loud! I'm not a product! God, if I knew this job was so demeaning I wouldn't have signed up..."

Grey: "Well, the mission IS 'Build-A-Sim Workshop', kinda like, you know- Build-A-Bear Workshop, so what did you expect? That's right, nothing, so get to walking down that red carpet already!!"

??: "Fine!"

Grey: "Thomas, as the guesser, take good note of each feature of her body. Everyone worked hard as a group to come up with this final product, so don't let all their hard work go to waste! All 165 of these points now rests in your hands..."

Grey: "As creator, Kenneth also had to come up with 5 traits that could describe her personality; so not all of this is physical qualities, mental qualities can help you guess who it is too."

Grey: "The 5 traits that Kenneth chose for the target sim are:

Grey: "Thomas, I need your decision."
Thomas: "Well, okay... What am I thinking..."
"Why do you have to ask yourself what you're thinking? You're the opposite of smart! Hahah!!!"
"Hey! Shut up! I don't have time for you right now! I need to think of who this is..."
"Well, whatcha thinking?"
"Well... She looks cartoonish, doesn't she?"
"Yeah, but-"
"Okay... Fine... You win... again. I hate you!!"
"Yeah yeah, I know that already... Know who it is yet?"
"Nope, and I don't care!"
"Lord help us all..."

??: "Er.... does he normally have conversations with himself?"
Grey: "Um... Yeah, it's his... thing. We just go along with it, yanno?"

Grey: "Okay Thomas. You must make your final guess now. Who is she supposed to be?"

Thomas: "Okay, here I go... My guess is... MEG GRIFFIN from Family Guy."

Grey: "Well, is he right? Is that who you're supposed to look like?

??: "Well, I've been in her shoes for awhile now.... Haha, get it?! ... And I got to say, I think the Workers did a nice job giving me an accurate makeover. With that being said, Thomas's answer is...."

Meg Griffin: "CORRECT!!!"

Everyone: *claps*
"Oh yeah, we did it!!"
"It was all me guys, like seriously."
"165 points, in the BANK!"

Grey: "Wow, congrats everyone. You did very well. Vast improvement from the last mission, gotta say. Alright, good night guys- see you tomorrow for your next Execution!!"

 CURRENT POT: 685/1015

  *            *            *

MISSION Scores/Results:

Already been shown.




Brianne: "Doy!"

Evangeline: "Ah!! Hot! Hot! OUCH!"
(I wasn't PURPOSEFULLY trying to burn her here... Some glitch happened and she somehow ended up in the large fire pit, and immediately caught on fire. 0_o  It told me she had 12 seconds before she burned to death... lol. XD I ended up just having to reset her. -.- )

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