Sunday, March 4, 2012

Episode 2

 *After the mission*

"This place looks epic!"
"Yes! We're finally here!!"

Max: "Oh, cool!! Look how big this kitchen is!"

Brianne: "Oh, good! We got a study room. How exciting!"

Kenneth: "Score! We got a pool!! This is going to be a fun season..." ;)

Courtney: "Hmm..."

 (NOTE: in diary room entries, like the one below, if the text is in italics, that means the creator of the sim actually said that... however, if it is just in regular text, than I came up with it.)

Courtney: "While everyone was going cuckoo over all the recreational rooms and what-not, I snuck upstairs and there were these weird little statues and the walls behind them were different colors: red, green, blue, and white. Naturally I went for red and I found myself in this epic bedroom. IT WAS ON F***ING FIRE!!! I was like: NICENESS!!!"

Courtney: "AWESOME!!!"

Selena: "Now that we've seen the house, let's go up, shall we?"
Everyone: "YES!"

Amber: "Hm... I wonder what these colors mean?"
Ashton: "No clue... let's check!"

Max: "Well, since everyone is going over there, I'll go over here..."
Taiha: "I'll go with you!!"

Max: "Woah. This is... incredible!"

Taiha: "Oh my!! How magnificent! I can get used to this!"

Max: "I call this bed!!"

Taiha: "Then I'll take this one! Ooh!! This is so exciting!!"

Taiha: "My name is Taiha, by the way. Nice to officially meet you... what was your name again?"
Max: "Max, the name is Max. Nice to meet you, Taiha. Was it just me, or did you talk a lot about cats during the mission? You almost seemed obsessed with them!"

Taiha: "Obsessed?! That's a rather strong word... I'm not obsessed with anything, I just really love cats and other furry animals. And I'm not the one wearing a dog on my shirt!"

Max: "Yeah, I am wearing a dog on my shirt. So what? At least I'm not the one wearing a fricken panda bear head on the top of my head! I'm sure they probably killed one in the making of it!"

Taiha: "Oh yeah?! What the hell is that even on your head? Is... is that a a wig, or a dead raccoon?"
Max: "Okay, you know what?! I don't even-"

Brianne: *Ahem* "Um, excuse me!"

Taiha: "Huh?"
Max: "Yeah, what?"

Brianne: "Are there any free beds still in here? It appears that all the rooms have been taken by the others..."

Taiha: "Oh, yes! No problem, this bed right here can be yours!! My name is Taiha, by the way... you're Brianna, right?"

Brianne: "Brianne, actually. And thank you."

Brianne: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get adjusted to this new... lifestyle. This place seems to be crawling with little ugly monsters.... yuck!"

Max: "Hey, you think we should head back now? I wonder what everyone else is doing..."
Taiha: "Sure, let's go!!"

*         *         *

Leon: "Holy crap... this place is sweet!! It's really hot in here though..."
Devin: "Is anyone in here yet?"

Courtney: "Yes, yes there is... and I've been expecting you... just kidding, not really... I got here awhile ago, just enjoying it by myself."
Devin: "Woah! You scared me! I didn't know you were there!"
Leon: "I know, she just blends right in!"

Courtney: "You two can have the upstairs beds... I'm taking the queen sized bed."

Devin and Leon: "EPIC!"

Leon: "By the way, nice to actually meet you! I'm not sure whether or not we talked during the mission.... and I would shake your hand, but that's a bit impossible to do."
Devin: "Yes, I think we already have... but nice to meet you too."

Leon: "Haha, and I guess we lucked out! I think two people are going to have to share that bed down there, since Kenneth is here... so he and Courtney will be sharing it."
Devin: "Yeah, plus, we each got top bunk! How cool is that?!"

Kenneth: "Hey, is that the only bed left?"
Courtney: "Yep, pretty much. I guess it's just you and me."
Kenneth: "Sweet. And it feels like the Underworld down here, doesn't it?  I, Hades, am the lord of the dead! And you are my beautiful wife Peresphone! You're fit to be a goddess of hell, you know... with that skin and hair and all."

Courtney: "Thanks... but I'm not sure if that's an insult or a compliment. And according to the Greek mythology... didn't Hades kidnap Peresphone? And she loathed him for it."

Kenneth: "Well... we can forget that part of the myth, if you want... or make an entirely new chapter ourselves."
Courtney: *giggles*
Leon: "Hey, we're up here, ya know!"
Kenneth: "Wha...?"

Kenneth: "Oh. What's up, dude? Looks like you guys have it made up there!"
Leon: "Yeah, pretty much... it's a cool room! Maybe we can torture the Mole in here once we find out who it is?"
Devin: "Or we could torture and kill them by drowning them in the water room."
Courtney: "Or we could throw them off the edge in the air room..."
Kenneth: "And we could also poison them with a spider bite in the earth room! Oh, the possibilities!"
Leon: "I think we're going to have a fun time in here together!" :P

*         *         *

 Amber: "So, I arrived at this epic house, and I explore the outdoors. It's real amazing. Then I go upstairs to find my bunker, and I find these crazy and deadly rooms. The Air Room (which you can fall off and die from), the Fire Room (Uh... FIRE), the Earth Room (Hello, I would rather not get changed in front of creepy stalkerish animals and sims for that matter), and the Water Room (drowning!). So, considering the water can't be that deep, I chose it. My roommates are Selena and Cole. May I add, Cole needs to lose the facial hair. He looks like a chimp.”

Amber: "Hurry, Selena!! It looks so cool down here!"

Amber: "Mwhaha.... a shark beanie-bag! Love it!"

Selena: "Oh, wow! I'm so shocked... this is amazing! And are we on real water?! Oh my god! I hope I don't fall down!"

Selena: "It's like I'm on a fashion run-way!"

Cole: "WOAH. It seriously feels like we're under water!!! And... on top of water at the same time." 0_o

Cole: "Amber, right? Nice to meet you. I'm Cole, if you didn't know."
Amber: "Yes, nice to meet you too!"

Selena: "Aw, no beds?! Ah well, looks like we're going to have to be snuggling up together... Cole, you're in the middle!"

Selena: "Oh, wow! Is that shark real?!"

Cole: "You girls wanna head back up now?"
Both: "Sure!"

*       *       *

Thomas: "Ooh! Fun, I like elevators! But they're also scary... we could die. Yes, we will probably die."
Evangeline: "I don't like where this is going... cloud wallpaper and an elevator going who knows high up... I've already proved in the mission that I hate heights..."
Ashton: "Oh come on! Let's go up you cowards!"


Thomas: "OH FRACK!"

Thomas: "Catch you later!! Lol, good luck getting over here!"

Evangeline: "Oh great..."
Ashton: "...Mommy?"
Evangeline: "Okay... here I go."

Evangeline: "Ooh, okay, okay... you got this, girl... Okay, that's a very strong wind coming at me..."

Evangeline: *breathes in* *breathes out* *breathes in* *breathes out*

Evangeline: "YES! I made it!! WHOO HOOOOOOO!!!"

Evangeline: "Come on Ashton!"

Ashton: "Now that's high up... is it too late to turn back?!"
Ashton: "Ah-aha..."

Evangeline: "Good job Ashton! See, it wasn't that bad!"

Evangeline: "I can't believe how cool this is... I feel like a goddess!"

Thomas: "This bed is mine! You can't have it, Ashton! NO, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!"
Ashton: "Wasn't planning on it... I'll just take this one in the middle then."

Thomas: "And hello, I am Thomas from planet Earth, greetings alien!"
Ashton: "HA!"

Evangeline: "Looks like everyone is gathering down there..."

Evangeline: "Come on, let's go you two!"

 *       *       *

Kenneth: "Okay, so I was thinking we play-"

Thomas: "PRESENT!!"

Kenneth: "-we play spin the bottle! What do you guys think?!"

Brianne: "Spin the what? Bottle?! How absurd... oh no, don't tell me that's the game where you kiss everyone... Oh, that's just nefarious! How vilely immature... I can't join you, my apologies. Have fun though."

Brianne: "That was a close one..."

Brianne: "Ah, yes... how refreshing. Reminds me of my old home when I used to live in a mansion with my parents..."


Max: "So, after our first mission, Kenneth came up with the idea to play a game of spin the bottle during our first night together. So, all of us played spin the bottle. In the game of Spin the Bottle, Courtney got to kiss Cole, Kenneth got to kiss Evangeline, and I got to kiss Selena. I have to say Selena is a really good kisser."

*Max spins the bottle*
*points to Selena*


Max: "Alright..."

*They kiss quickly*

Everyone: "Whooooo!!"

Taiha: "Well, I have to go take care of Mr... I mean- um... never mind!"

Taiha: "Good night everyone! See you in the morning!"

 *30 minutes later, everyone is in bed*

*      *      *

 DAY 2

Evangeline: "I was so sad when I didn't win the first mission! GRRR! It was so scary being that high up- but I looked totally sexy in my new swimsuit! I was also a little bummed at first when I heard Thomas didn't think I was going to win the mission. So he didn't believe in me! But, I also didn't win the mission so it would have been points gone to waste. But, he chose Cole and Kenneth over me, and they didn't win! Harumph. I think I'll do better next mission though! No, I don't think- I will! If I'm not evicted..." D-:

Kenneth: "I know, I know, a lot of people were disappointed in me for not grabbing the bag during the first mission yesterday, for obvious reasons… I mean, look at me!! How could I NOT succeed in something?! With guns like these, I’m stronger than anyone else here!! But anyway… to be truthful, the reason why I couldn’t grab it was because… er, let’s just say I got distracted by all the hot women in their bathing suits. Let’s put it this way: I got a little excited from the sights, as any man would, and my boy downstairs gave me an uncomfortable ride all the way down that slip-and-slide… the pain was too excruciating to focus on grabbing a sack when my own were… okay, you get my point.”

 Ashton: "Well, I was a bit sad when I got to the House. I got a call sometime after we got out of our swimwear from my family back in Louisiana. They said that my grandmother, who I called Nana when I was younger, was in the ICU at the Memorial Hospital. I was real worried for her. You see, she used to smoke and it caused a problem in her body that is still in there. That... and the sickness she has has something to do with her lungs. Oh, and did you know that a horse has 64 chromosomes and a donkey has 62, and if you breed them, the mule they make has only 63 chromosomes, so the mule is sterile, a.k.a. can't make babies."

Leon: "WOO! Leon's in the housee! Hahaha! I'm excited for this. I once spent some time with a friend trying to figure out who wrote some weird notes at her work so I think I'll be able to find out who the mole is. I am ready for this quiz!"

Brianne: "I expected humiliation on this show, but I did not expect anything as terrible as that first mission. They call it a mission? I call it a disgrace and I do hope that nobody I know was watching that on television! To think, I had to wear my bathing suit in front of those complete strangers. The memory makes me shudder. As for the others, it's just as I expected. They are slow-minded, foolish idiots. They were content to stand around in their bathing suits and flirt with each other- do they not even remember why we're on this show in the first place? Finding the mole should be simple among these imbeciles. And I will do it by myself too. No coalitions for me, thank you very much. 
Not unless someone here can prove that he or she has even a shred of intellect."


"Meoow, meooooow!"
Brianne: "What the?!"

Brianne: "Hm... where did that come from?"

Brianne: "Did you hear a cat too?"
Max: *yawns* "Sure did..."

Brianne: "Wait-shh."

Brianne: "Oh my... it's coming from Taiha's bag! What in the world?! There's no way that there could be something living in there..."

Max: "Well, let me open it and check..."

*zips bag open*
Brianne: "Ahhh!!"

Max: "It IS a cat!!"

Brianne: "Why... why. The hell, is there a CAT in her bag?!"

Taiha: "Wha... what's going on?! I heard someone scream..."

Taiha: *gasp* "Mr. Fluffers! What are you doing with my baby?!"

Max: "Alright..."

Taiha: "Aw, it's okay sweetheart, I'm here for you now... I know, I know, mommy's here..."

Max: "..." 0_o

Brianne: "Pardon me, but would you like to explain to us, exactly WHY you illegally stuffed a cat into your bag?"

Taiha: "Why? WHY?! Because I didn't want to just abandon him at home, that's why! And what do you mean illegally?! I'm pretty sure the law allows you to take your family members anywhere you want..."

Max: "No, I'm not quite sure you understand. When you signed up for this show, you signed under a contract... and, they gave you a list of things to bring- you could bring a lot of stuff, like books, clothing, food... however, a 'cat', was not among them. You violated their rules, and that's illegal."

Taiha: "Well, I'll tell you what! I don't care- I'm keeping him here, and that's for sure. This is such a nice little place for him to stay, too... he can go hunting for butterflies all day and night, and try to catch some beetles... and he could even climb up to the bathroom in the tree house! See, it's perfect here!!"

Max: *facepalm*
Brianne: "Good luck with that... not. I don't want yet another little pesky creature in my living quarters, especially one that sheds white fur constantly and coughs up hair balls on my pillow... no thanks."

Grey: "Well, well, well... if it isn't for out little friend Taiha...are you trying to be the next Rosina or something? Bringing items to the show that you are not allowed to bring?"

Taiha: "Grey! I'm sorry you have to see me like this, how embarrassing, in my pajamas and all..."
Grey: "It's okay, I live just right across the street and watch you guys through telescopes and from hidden cameras."
Taiha: "Oh, really? Well, that explains how you got here so fast..."
Grey: "Yeah, nothing stalkerish about that at all or anything..."

Grey: "Anyways... so yes! I'm going to have to confiscate little snowball here from you. Sorry."
Taiha: "No! You can't do that! And his name is Mr. Fluffers. He doesn't like to be called by anything else or he'll get offended."

Grey: "Oh come on, you have your own little pair of Mr. Fluffers on your feet, do you really need the live thing?"

Taiha: "...yes."

Taiha: "Ooh, oh, sorry Grey! I'm not trying to anger you at all! Please calm down, I'll give him to you." :O

Grey: "Ahahah, no, I was just joking. But thanks."

Grey: "Come here kitty, you're coming with me..."

Grey: "F***!! HE SCRATCHED ME!"

Max: *nosepalm*
Taiha: "Well don't just stand there, get him!"

Grey: "Hey! You get back here you little shit! I'll get you Mr. Fluffers! REVENGE IS MINE!"


Max: "And that's why dogs are better than cats... They're much more loyal."

Brianne: "Well, that was an eventful first morning... waffles?"
Max: "Count me in!"

 *        *        *

Courtney: "Ah!"

Courtney: "Oh, ew, gross..."

Kenneth: "What? What's wrong, cutie?"
Courtney: "Yuck. Gross. Don't call me that... and I er... felt something." *shudders*

Kenneth: *laughs* "Oh come on! It's the morning! Give me a break!"

Courtney: "Um, well, first of all, I barely even know you, so the fact that we're already sharing a bed is kind of weird... and second... you should be able to control yourself... and that includes ALL of your body parts..."
Kenneth: "Oh, you know you like-"

Courtney: "NOPE! That's it, I'm leaving now."
Kenneth: "Well, at least let me apologize! What's the big deal, anyway?!"
Courtney: "What's the big deal?! Okay, bye, I'm hungry, I need breakfast."

Kenneth: "Oh yes! Thank you Grey! The first mission in this house involved everyone getting practically naked. My god. I got to check out all the women first thing and size up my potential conquests. Nice one. Courtney’s exotic - ain’t seen a girl like her before. She might pose a challenge. Talia’s got that whole cute thing going on with that beanie, and a nice bod, too. Selena’s hot stuff she shared my car and jumped in right next to me. Just my type - if she had bigger jugs she’d remind me so much of my ex Chasity. Amber’s nice and curvey.. Very nice. Evangelines alright - looks like she’d be a handful but hey, there isn’t anything I can’t handle. And Brianne’s not my usual type - kind of reminds me of a librarian, she seem‘s a bit uptight already bitching about the mission and whatnot. Maybe she needs someone to help her unwind. If only there were more eye candy and less men around here. I have to say I feel a bit disappointed - but hey, these men have nothing on me. I have the charm. Courtney has BALLS… well not literal balls. But that chick went straight on with the mission before anyone. I egged her on ;).  I can’t wait to get to know these women a little better."

 *        *        *

 Selena: "So, this morning, I decided I'd make waffles for everyone! No one else was planning on making breakfast, I think we all expected another Lyla like last season to be here to feed us all. And, may I add, I'm not a good cook... at all... but, I thought I'd give it a try- waffles couldn't be too hard to make, right? Well, I had no idea how very, very, very wrong I was..."

*30 minutes later*
Selena: "Oh crap..."

Courtney: "Ooh, is someone making breakfast?!"

Courtney: "WHAT? They are BURNT?! RAAAGGGEE!!"
Selena: "..."

Max: "Hey, don't mind her, I think your cooking is great."
Selena: "Oh, don't say that... it's terrible. It's okay, you can admit it..."

Max: "No, really! I mean, yeah, I know you burnt it a little, but all beginners do that. You did pretty good if you have never tried before."

Selena: "Aw, thank you, Max! That's so nice of you..." *giggles*
Max: "Wait, what's so funny?!"

Selena: "Oh, it's nothing..." *laughs*

Max: "No, seriously!! Why are you laughing at me?"
Selena: *starts laughing even louder* "OH, god- I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing!" *laughs uncontrollably*

Max: "Well, fine, if you're not going to tell me what you're laughing about, I'll just clean up your little masterpiece here..."

Selena: "Okay, okay, I'm sorry! Don't be like that! It's just..." *starts giggling* "It's your underwear! Are you wearing whitey-tidies? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's just funny watching you wear that, especially after our kiss last night..."
Max: "Oh... haha, now that I think about it, it is kind of funny... I'll go put on some sweatpants now!"

Selena: "No! I didn't mean that! You don't have to..."

*        *        *

Amber (under breath): "Oh god... is this the nerd convention?"
Ashton: "Pew! Pew!"

Thomas: "I am going to KEEL YOU!"

Leon: "Wait, Amber! Do you want to join us?"

Amber: "...Sure. Why not?"

Amber: "Thank you... so what are you guys up to?"

Leon: "Not much... just playing some video games."

Thomas: "Hey, you guys want to make a coalition? YES, WE SHOULD MAKE A COALITION!"

Ashton: "Eh..."

Devin: "We could, but... I don't think we should. There's too much of us here. There's a very likely chance one of us is the Mole."

Ashton: "Yeah... sorry Thomas, but I don't think that's a good idea."
Thomas: "OKAY! THAT'S COOL! Not like I cared anyway..."
Amber: "...Well then! You boys have fun with that, I need to get ready for the dinner and execution for tonight!"

*      *       *

Evangeline: *puts on makeup* "Hm...."

Cole: "Hey Evangeline! Wow! It's so high up here!"

Evangeline: "Oh, hey Cole! And yes, it is very high up... I was a bit scared sleeping in my bed last night, because I was scared that I would fall off my bed, and fall all the way down to the ground!"

 Cole: "Haha, I know! So listen... about the other day during the mission..."

Evangeline: "Oh no, don't worry about it! It's fine... I totally understand, I failed that mission too!"

Cole: "I know, thank you, but still... I'm sorry about the way I acted towards you. It was just the heat of the moment, and I was a bit embarrassed that I had missed grabbing the bag..."

Evangeline: "Really, it's no big deal! But thank you for coming all the way up here to apologize, I appreciate that."

Cole: "Yeah... wow. Look at the views from up here! It's amazing! I should have picked this room!"

Evangeline: "You're telling me? Haha, but yeah, I love it too. I can watch the stars all night while I fall asleep, and listen to the ocean waves crash along the shore... ah... it's so peaceful!"

Cole: "I'd say you have it made... So I think everyone's ready to leave for the Dinner, you ready to go?"
Evangeline: "Sure! Let's go!"

*         *         *

Grey: "Welcome, contestants, to your first Dinner!"

Grey: "Please have a seat."

Grey: "Okay, good. So, what do you guys think so far? How was your first mission? And how is it sleeping and living with 12 other complete strangers?"
Courtney: "The mission was pretty awesome... and I love sleeping in that fire room."
Kenneth (under breath): "And sleeping with me..."
Courtney: *kicks Kenneth*

Brianne: "I have something to say... If I may? Well, so far, living in the house hasn't been as bad as I had originally thought, because I'm used to living by myself. And I do just want to say a few things to everyone to clear the air... when using the bathroom, I think everyone here would agree to close the top lid once you are done. It's improper to do otherwise, and I find it disrespectful."
Thomas: "Nah. I prefer to keep it up. Not meaning to offend you though. I like it up."
Brianne: "..."

Devin: "Well, I think the first mission was pretty successful. I mean, 8 out of 12 were able to do the task, and we got 2/3's of the points, so that's a pretty good start."
Ashton: "Agreed! Though I feel bad that I couldn't grab it...."

Taiha: "And, thank you Grey for catching Mr. Fluffers for me... I'm sorry about taking him onto the show, I hope you can forgive me..."

Grey: "Um, yep, no problem. And it's not as nearly as bad as bringing a gun to the show, so we're not going to remove you from the game or anything like that."

Taiha: "Aw, thank you so much Grey, how can I ever repay you?!"
Grey: "Hm... you could give me Mr. Fluffers?"
Taiha: "WHAT? NO! NEVER! ...Wait... where is he, anyway?"
Grey: "Um... you know, I really have no idea..."
Taiha: "Really? Hm..."
Grey: "Yeah...hope he's still alive..."

Grey: "Well, anywho... I have some very good news for everyone here. We will NOT be having the Execution tonight. You heard me. Just like last season, no one will be leaving yet... we figured one mission wasn't quite enough information to figure out who the Mole is, so... you are all staying to play the game some more!!"

 Cole: "Sweet!"
Amber: "How exciting!"
Leon: "BOO-YEAH!"
Grey: "So let's have a merry dinner knowing that no one is leaving us already!"

 Grey: "However, we will still be doing the quiz... and so as not to make it a waste of time, whoever did the worst on this quiz will lose 3 points on the next quiz. So remember that!"

 *        *        *

(Quiz Questions)

Question #1... Is the Mole, male or female?
a. Male
b. Female

2. What color van was the Mole riding in before arriving to their first mission?
a. White Van
b. Green Van
c. Blue Van
d. Red Van

3. Was the Mole riding in the front seat, or the back seat?
a. Front
b. Back

4. Was the Mole's swimsuit one solid color? (I'd say 6 are wearing one solid color, with no other colors and/or designs)(and out of those 6: five girls, and one guy)
a. Yes
b. No

5. Was the Mole chosen as the 'Most likely to be the Mole' person?
a. Yes
b. No
6. In what order did the Mole go on the slip-and-slide?
a. First
b. Second
c. Third
d. Fourth
e. Fifth
f. Sixth
g. Seventh
h. Eighth
i. Ninth
j. Tenth
k. Eleventh
l. Twelfth 
m. The Mole did not go.

7. Did the Mole successfully grab their pouch?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Neither: the Mole is Thomas.

8. In what category did Thomas put the Mole in?
a. Be able to grab the pouch.
b. NOT be able to grab the pouch.
c. Neither: the Mole is Thomas.

9. How many points did the Mole help contribute to the Pot, as a whole?
a. 120 (1 person)
b. 30 (4 people)
c. 0 (8 people)

10. Who is, the Mole?
a. Ashton Snapp
b. Max Radcliffe
c. Cole Sheppard
d. Devin Hardman

e. Kenneth Nova

f. Leon Covington
g. Thomas Walsh

h. Evangeline Merino
i. Courtney Ellan
j. Taiha Anderson
k. Brianne Wentworth
l. Amber Greene
m. Selena Brooke

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