Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Episode 11

[NOTE: Before reading, please know that I went through many technical problems while working on this episode. At one point, I lost all my CC, so some of the contestants hair and clothing may be a bit off at random pictures. I also lost a few hairstyles permanently, so one or two of players hairs were replaced with something similar. I mention all of this because I don't want anything to be mistaken for a clue/hint.]

 Opening Video:

Day 15

Leon: “So gingers don't have souls, so!? What does a soul even do? What is it? The only thing it's good for is selling it for something awesome, and then I'd have no soul anyways so I don't see the point....  Stupid bear... Saying gingers don't have souls. Gingers are awesome. Souls are stupid.
Courtney went home! WHOA! I didn't think that was going to happen!  I thought I was going home. I always do. I have no idea what I'm doing when taking the quizzes. Is the mole male or female? Male sounds good, why not? Eesh, I don't deserve to be here. *nervous laughter* Guessing is a skill, I guess. I'm worthy because of good guessing? *more nervous laughter* I'm gonna go now...”

Kenneth: "BRIANNE! WHY TEMPT ME SO! Mannn, I got so hot under the collar when she cornered me on that treadmill... guess it's too good to be true. Meh, I guess it's for the best - I mean I'm after misses hot stuff and I have a feelings she's gonna be hanging off my arm any minute now. I'm not too cheesy, or needy - I'm sexy, cool and nonchalant. But I must admit whenever I'm in a room with Brianne now I just have fantasy moments where she just like rips her top off and ravishes me - I mean in a right kinky secretary way. I need to get that outta my head. It isn't going to happen she's wayyy to conservative. I'll keep my sights on the one I know will be up for some adventures in the sack."

 Leon: "And... we're back."
Taiha: "Woo-hoo!"
Kenneth: "Let's throw a party!"

 Brianne: *farts* "Oops. Pardon me..... What? Did I do something wrong? Why are you all staring at me?"
Everyone: "..."
Brianne: "Oh... I get it. You guys don't see me as one to 'pass gas'... but news flash people! Everyone farts. Yeah, I said it. I fart. You fart. We all fart. Capisce?"
Everyone: (O.O)

  *            *            *

Taiha: "I am actually a really smart person. Like. I can totally beat everyone at chess! I'm actually a chess champion! I can also solve stuff really fast. But I'm not always the brightest bulb in the lamp... wait. Lamps only have one bulb. Does that make me the only bulb?
ANYWAY! Back to what I was saying. Did you know that Grey's favourite numbers are 9 and 21 and he's SUPER neat. Not neat as in good which is an obvious for him, but neat as in clean. I wonder if anyone has noticed that I take my showers at 9:21 every day? Well except for today. I TOTALLY overslept! It was like 10:26 when I got up! No more late nights for me I might get bad luck!"

Max: "Me and Taiha have been arguing a lot lately about cats and dogs. I don't like arguing with somebody so I have decided to make a deal that I will "help" Taiha to break-up Grey and Kenzen so that she can have an easier chance at getting Grey as long as she stops arguing with me. She agreed and I hypnotized Brianne by putting her into a state of hypnosis, which helped her realize her feelings for Kenzen that were already there, but she never quite knew about it. Now, this way, Taiha and Brianne can work together to break up Grey and Kenzen. I hope that Taiha gets her word because I don't like arguing with people. Besides, since Courtney got executed, me and Taiha have to rely on each other to find out who is the Mole? If you continue to keep on arguing, there will be no coalition!"

Brianne: "So... Tell me again why you brought me out here?"

Max: "Well... I just kinda wanted to talk to you about something. First off- are you comfortable? If you're not 100% comfortable, please adjust yourself so that you can just relax, because I have a lot to say."

Brianne: "Er.... Alright. I'm pretty comfortable. This atmosphere certainly helps, it's very relaxing and... spa-like."
Max: "Good. Now, what I'm trying to do is get you into a calm state so you can talk more... I don't know, freely? I know you tend to be a bit guarded, so hopefully these steps of relaxation will help you loosen out."

Brianne: "Interesting... Okay, continue."
Max: "Well, the next step, is to stare at this thing once I turn it on- see, there! You see all the smoke that's rising up? Just stare and focus on that, it should really help you relax."

Max: "Now, just focus on the smoke, and the smoke alone. Think of nothing else. Do not force yourself to stare at it either, just let your eyes slowly follow the smoke as it goes up, up and up... Good. Now, close your eyes, and imagine a peaceful place- any place, any place that brings you peace. Maybe a nice meadow with a calm stream going by, or maybe on a sunny beach with ocean waves crashing in the distance, or even a nice, quiet library to study in..."

Max: "Now I want you to take a couple of deep breathes, in, and out.... in, and out.... keeping on doing this, while simultaneously thinking of your happy place. Don't force it, just let it come naturally to you... Now I'm going to ask you some questions. Don't think too hard about the answers, just answer them honestly as I go... Have you ever been in love?"

Brianne: "Love? No, never."
Max: "And why is that?"
Brianne: "I don't know... love has just never appealed to me. All that intimate romantic stuff is just not my forte... though it doesn't help when I get strong urges occasionally."

Max: "Urges? What kind of urges?"
Brianne: "Well, you know..." *blushes* "Those urges when something inside you just... feels attracted to another person... I don't know how to explain it. Like I said, I'm not very experienced in this field."

Max: "How often do you feel these urges?"

Brianne: "Not very often... Though... I don't know why I'm telling you this, but it was happening recently... in France..."

Max: "Then tell me this, Brianne: Are you in love with Kenzen? I mean, there are so many good things about him... List them if you want. I'm only hear to provide in-site and listen."
Brianne: "Love? No. I don't really love anybody... I barely know that man! Though... I couldn't help feel compelled by him every time I was close to him... I don't know. When he to talked to me, I'd get really nervous. He's just so... sophisticated! And, and... intelligent, mature, handsome! I think he's pretty rich too... all these qualities make him someone that I'd actually like and relate too."

Max: "Wow. You just shared a lot with me. Thank you for that. And hearing all that you said, I suddenly realize the pain you're going through- you feel alone in this world. We all feel like that sometimes. But one way to get rid of that feeling is to find you plus one, or... soulmate, out there, in the universe. Kenzen could be your soulmate, Brianne. Just think about it. Of course, it's not that likely because he is in fact gay, and already in a relationship, but what if you were to tear that relationship apart...? Kenzen would be for the taking then."
Brianne: "You're right... But how?"

Max: "I'll leave that for you to figure out. Sorry, I need to go check on Dug- he's been locked up in the Earth room for awhile!"

Brianne: "Okay, thanks for that decorous chat, I definitely needed it. I think I'm going to rest right here for awhile and think about what we talked about..."
Max: "Alright, see you later!"

Brianne: “Of course I knew what he was doing- I wasn’t born yesterday. I have read many books in my life, and “The Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Changeby Melissa Tiers is among one of them. Performing hypnosis on another person is actually pretty simple and less fictional then people think it to be. It involves getting the patient into a calm atmosphere and into a comfortable position, and then making them focus on one point for an extended amount of time while telling them to do certain commands, to take them fall into a deeper state of hypnosis. That said, Max couldn’t fool me… Though… It DID actually work, now that I think about it… For some reason he wants me to admit to myself that I have “feelings” for Kenzen, the co-host of this season. Ha. Feelings. What are those anyway? Love is an overrated thing, and I’m sure as hell smart enough not to lose focus on the game because of someone telling me that I “fancy” someone, which is actually not true at all… I think…”

Taiha: "Oh, Mr. Meow!! Who's a good kitty?! You're a good kitty! Aw, you big cute fluff ball! I love you sooo so so much!"

Max: "Hey Taiha... I talked to Brianne."

*Dug wakes up and wags his tail*

Max: "Dug! What are you doing on Brianne's bed?! You know you're not supposed to be on there! She'll kill you if she finds your fur on her sheets!!"

*Dug barks for attention*

Max: "Aww... come here, boy!"

 Taiha: "So you talked to her, eh? How did it go you bloke?!"

Max: "Well... I think it was a success! I definitely planted the seed in her mind, all we have to do now is sit back and watch is blossom into a great big tree of love for Kenzen! Haha, it was almost too easy."

*rubs Dug's belly*

Taiha: "Well, I gotta say that I'm impressed. How did you know she had feelings for Kenzen anyway? Reading her journal or something you snoop?"

 Max: "No.... I could just tell."

Max: "And I held up my end of the deal, so you need to hold up yours. No more fighting, alright? Frankly, I'm tired of it, and now with Courtney gone, it's just you and me, so..."

Taiha: "Alright, alright, no more fighting... It's not like I'm the one who starts it though. It's you who has a problem with cats, I actually love dogs. I love all furry animals, in fact. But it just so happens that I love cats a lot more, now is that right, Mr. Meow?!"

Mr. Meow: "..."

  *            *            *

Day 16

Evangeline: "Isn't it nice to be back here? As much as I hate how freakishly high this room is, I still love it to death. This room is just so... refreshing! Being locked up in that wine cellar back in France was suffocating... It's just nice to get fresh air again!"

Thomas: "Yeah. I agree."

Evangeline: "Haha, I don't know about you... Most of the time, you're totally insane- no offense, there's nothing wrong with that, it's a clinical condition. But yeah, most of the time you're like that, but then occasionally... you act totally normal. If only I knew what went on in that brain of yours..."


Evangeline: "Wha...?"

Evangeline: "THOMAS!" *gasps* "What the HELL do you think you're doing?! Stop staring at me! I SAID STOP! THOMAS, TURN AROUND RIGHT NOW YOU PERVERT!"

Thomas: *Spins around* "I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO! I JUST... I JUST... I JUST WANTED TO TEST MY X-RAY VISION SKILLS! WAAAAAAHHHH!! But it worked! I got to see your melons!!"

Evangeline: "...Oh, Thomas... Of course you saw me! The wall has holes in it! Big block holes! I'm sorry to tell you, but you don't have x-ray vision... You need to stop pretending that you have all these 'Superman' powers!!!"


Evangeline: *sighs* "Of course you are..."

Evangeline: "Okay, you can look now... I'm dressed. Well, I guess we're even now... I've seen you naked, and now you've seen me naked. Let's keep this between us though, alright?"

Thomas: "Yeah, sure, whatever you say... I WON'T TELL ANYONE! EXCEPT MYSELF... BUT HE ALREADY KNOWS."
Evangeline: "Haha, okay... I'm going to eat lunch before the mission, see ya later!"

Thomas: "I think it's... SUPERMAN TIME!"

*rips off clothes*
Thomas: "Oh yeah!"


*Gets up*
Thomas: "Ooh! I have an idea! This one has GOT to work!"

Thomas: "Okay, here goes nothing!"

Thomas: "I should use a cape... oh well! 3, 2, 1.... FLY!"


Thomas: "AHHHHH!!!"


Thomas: *takes big gulp of air* "I MADE IT! I FLEW!"

Thomas: "I think I broke a leg or two though...."

 *            *            *

Kenneth: "So Coles been even more cold with me at the moment, which isn't great seeing as we're in an alliance an all. But I mean, Evangelines been giving him the cold shoulder, or at least has been acting weird around him, and has been giving me some inviting looks - or what I see as inviting looks anyway and it reallly isn't helping our friendship out. Buy hey, I warned him I was after his girl, I've taken friends girls before - hoe's before bro's in my book - why waste some precious time with a nice beauty to have a beer with a guy? No thanks, I'd rather take my drinks right outta the hot girls belly button, or even better.... no nevermind I won't go there" ;)

Cole: "Aw, f*** you man, F*** YOU!!"
Leon: "Holy Jesus on a stick! Calm down dude! It's just a game!"

Kenneth: "Seriously bro... It's not my fault I'm better than you... both in this game AND in the bed..." ;D

*slides disc*

Leon: "WOOT! Nice job, you got it right in the middle!"

 Cole: "Crap, sorry guys... Sometimes my temper gets the best of me. I guess I'm just stressed at the moment because of Evangeline... I don't know. It's just hard to read her sometimes. I never know what exactly she wants from me! And she's just so needy too! It's just... gah. I've never had a girlfriend that took this much work!"

Kenneth: "You know, if she ever becomes too much to handle... I'm here for you, man. Bro's before hoe's, right?"

Cole: "Gee, thanks. Why do I get the feeling that by that, you actually mean that you want to have her for yourself?"
Kenneth: "Well, think what you want, but there's nothing that I can't handle, so I'd be willingly to take her from you if you want. For you, of course."
Cole: "Nice try. But I'm still willingly to give her a chance and be able to get to know her better first."

Leon: "How come neither of you noticed my new hairstyle?"
Cole: "Um, well... we're dudes. Sorry we didn't notice, I personally don't notice those things, sorry."
Leon: "Okay... that's cool. I thought it was pretty cool, too.... I mean my hair. Yeah, my hair's pretty cool too. It's all fluffy and stuff... kinda like Taiha's cat... erm... yep. Awk."

Kenneth: "Are you going to go?"
Leon: "Oh, right! Sorry."

 Evangeline: "Hey boys... Whatcha guys doing over here?"

Kenneth: "Not much... Playing shuffleboard or whatever you call it."

Evangeline: "Oh, really? Sounds fun. What about you, Cole? Having fun?"

Cole: "Um... yeah..."
Evangeline: "That's good. Listen..."

Cole: This can't be good...

Evangeline: "I want to apologize for the other day at France... with, ya know, the whole flower incident...I know you tried hard to please me, and I just kind of pushed you away like a little brat. So I want to make it up to you."
Cole: "Okay, and how-"
Evangeline: "Oh, just shut up and kiss me already!"

Leon: "...I'm just going to step away now....Just pretend like I wasn't here, people."

 Cole: "Wow. You sure are a good kisser."

Evangeline: "Wish I could say the same..."

Cole: "What was that?"
Evangeline: "Oh! Nothing! See you later!!"
Cole: "Um... okay. Bye, I guess..."

 Kenneth: "What, no smoochies for me?!"
Evangeline: "F*** you."

  *            *            *


Grey: "Welcome back, contestants!! Miss me?"

Everyone: "Hey Grey!"
Grey: "Haha, nice to see all of you again! Hope my boyfriend wasn't too much of an a**hole? Sorry about that... He's just guarded, that's all. And to be completely honest, I think the producers made him a bit crankier than usual just to raise our ratings... Anyways! Please form a line so that-"

Taiha: "GREY!!!"

Taiha: "OMG, I've missed you so much! Like, you have NO idea!!"
Max: "Oh, this is going to be awkward... look away everyone, just pretend like we're not watching..."

Taiha: "I can't believe you're actually here! I thought you were gone forever!! Can I get a hug?!?!"

Grey: "Um, preferably, I'd rather not-"

Grey: "-Ah!"

Taiha: "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm touching you right now! You're so warm... I could hold on to you forever!!"

Grey: "Um... Okay, that's enough..."

Taiha: "Oh, sorry... Tee-hee!"
Grey: "Anything else I can do for you? If not, then please go join everyone else over there and-"

Taiha: "-OOH! Wait, wait! I actually brought my camera, do you mind if I take a picture of you?!"

Grey: "...Yes, I actually do mind. Can you please tell me why you're taking a picture of me?"
Taiha: "Well, I realized while in France, that I didn't have anything of you to look at, so I started to forget what you looked like! Well, not really, I have your whole face and face structure memorized, how could I forget such a cute face? But yeah, I just wish I had something to look at, and now I will! So..."

Taiha: "SAY CHEESE!"


Taiha: "Thanks Grey! Can someone get one of us together?!"

Grey: "No. No one's going to do that. Go away now."

Taiha: "Oh... Okay. I'm ready for the mission then! Sorry for making you wait!"

Grey: "Right... Everyone, please pair up with each other, and please decide which one of you will be the Recipe Master, and which one will be the Chef. Do so now."

Grey: "Good. That means we have..."

"Max as Chef, Taiha as RM."

Max: "The reason why I chose Taiha as my partner is because despite our differences, we are still in coalition, and there is a possible chance that the one of the 4 partners in this mission could end up getting an exemption for this mission. So, because of that, I partner up with Taiha for a possible chance that we could end up getting an exemption together, and we could end up being one step closer to finding out who the Mole is!"

"Thomas as RM, Evangeline as Chef."

"Brianne as RM, Leon as Chef."

"And Cole as Chef, while Kenneth will be the RM."

Grey: "This mission is called 'A Fruity Afternoon', and here's how it works..."

"The Recipe Master's part is to complete this series of obstacles in the time of one minute."

"They must first start at the bottom of these stairs, and"

"Run all the way up to the top... The stairs themselves are going to take at least 30 seconds, and you'll probably be exhausted by the time you reach the top... I like to call these the stairs from hell."

"Now, once to the top, you must slide down this pole, which, will lead you to the fifth floor-"

"And you must then slide down the other pole in that room, which will eventually lead you all the way down to the bottom floor. Now, your main goal in this mission, is to memorize the single fruit lying somewhere in each of the 5 floors- so there will be 5 fruits total to memorize. Though be warned; each level has it's set of distractions, with lots of furniture and food items planted all over the place, making it harder to locate exactly where the fruit is. And you won't have time to look around the room to check where it is, because you'll be running out of time. So you're just need to keep on sliding down poles and memorizing fruits as you go. This will NOT be an easy task."

"Once you reach the bottom level, run out the door to this blue panel, and the time will stop; if you don't make it on time, not only will you lose the mission for you and your partner, but will receive a large point deduction from your next mole quiz. So I suggest hurrying. Like I said, you won't have time to look around each level; you'll just have to slide down as fast as you can."

Grey: "And that's just the Recipe Masters' parts. I am now going to explain what the 4 chefs will be doing."

"Behind you, are four identical kitchens."

"Your job, as a Chef, is to make a fruit smoothie. This smoothie requires 8 ingredients; 5 of these ingredients will come from your partner, the Recipe Master."

"The other 3, however, can be found on this blackboard; though it's not just written for you, you'll have to solve them with hints. It also gives you two hints of the two essential kitchen materials needed to create a smoothie."

"You will be using all 8 ingredients to make the smoothie- and can find all of them somewhere in your kitchen space."

"The fridge, by the way, holds dozens of various fruits and other food ingredients, most of which will not be needed to create this smoothie. This is a secret recipe, by the way- we're not just going to have all the ingredients lying out in the open."

"There's also a side table for more fruits and vegetables if you can't find them in the fridge."

"Once you have gathered all your ingredients and made the smoothie, fill one cup full of it and bring it over here."

"Once I have all 4 Chef's smoothies, I will taste-test each of them, and for each one that gets ALL 8 ingredients right, I'll add 50 points to the pot. 4 pairs, 50 potential points each, that means this mission is worth a total of 200 points, the most points in a mission EVER. So good luck, contestants."

"We'll just go left to right, so... Taiha! You're up first!"

Grey: "Taiha, are you ready to go?"
Taiha: "Yes, I am ready to go Grey! Wish me luck!"
Grey: "Bad luck! On 3! Three, Two.... GO!!"
Taiha: "Wha-?! Oh! Shoot!"

Taiha: "Ah! My calves are already burning!"

Taiha: "So high up..."

Taiha: "Orange! Got it!"

Taiha: "Pineapple, and... bananas? Two in one? So neither?"

Taiha: "Whatever... MUST HURRY!"

Taiha: "Easy! Apples!"

Taiha: "Ah, kitty litter!! It's too dark in here! I can't see anything! I wished I had cat vision like Mr. Meow..."

Taiha: "Ah! Must hurry! Wow? What the hell is that thing?!"

Grey: "EIGHT, SEVEN..."

Taiha: "Shoot! There's just lettuce everywhere! There's no fruits in here!"

Grey: "FIVE, FOUR.... Congrats! You made it with only seconds to spare!"

Taiha: "Woo-hoo!"

Grey: "Next, we have Thomas... Thomas, be ready to go in five, four, three, two, one... GO!"

Thomas: "Now if only my flying powers let me fly UPWARDS, I could fly right over these stairs!"

Thomas: "Hm... before I proceed..."

Thomas: "Ha! I knew you guys would be down there! HEY EVERYONE!!! LOOK AT ME!"

Everyone: "HURRY YOU IDIOT!!!"
Thomas: "Woah... Calm down! People can't just say hi anymore, can they?"


Thomas: "What's dat?"
Thomas: "A candle, you fricken bonehead."
Thomas: "Nah... that's a slice of watermelon, I can tell."
Thomas: "JUST HURRY UP!"

Thomas: "Ooh, level two... What's down here? What is THAT?! A PINEANA?! HAHA! GET IT!"
Grey: "10 SECONDS."

Thomas: "Well, see you later, Pineana! Have to hurry!"

Thomas: "Oh, look! Apples!"
Thomas: "NEXT!"



Grey: "FIVE, FOUR..."
Thomas: "Don't have time to look for fruits! Must flee!"

Grey: "THREE, TWO..."

Grey: "ONE-"

Thomas: "I made it!!"
*buzzer goes off*
Thomas: "Oh yeah! What were all those green things in there? I'm just going to go ahead and say they were mangoes. Yep. I think those were mangoes."

Grey: "Are you ready to go, Brianne?"
Brianne: "This is insulting, you realize that, right? Does this building have an elevator? I think I'm going to take that instead."
Grey: "Unfortunately... no. You're going to have to take the stairs."
Brianne: "This is reprehensible! Do you REALLY expect me to go up all these stairs?! How rude! People do not know how to treat proper woman like me anymore!"
Grey: "GO!"

Brianne: "Excuse me? Oh! Shoot! You could have told me we were going!"

Brianne: "How come there are no railings on this thing? What if I slip and fell? I'd sue this show for all it was worth! And then maybe I can buy my parents old mansion back..."

Brianne: "Okay, here we go... There better be no cameras from under the poles, I'm wearing a skirt you know!"

Brianne: "Ahh!"

Brianne: "OW!!!"

Brianne: "Stupid stinking pole!"

Brianne: "I hate this mission..."

Brianne: "Now where is this damn fruit?!"

Brianne: "There it is! Orange! Moving on!"

Brianne: "Pineapple and banana... Next!"

Brianne: "Apple, easy."

Brianne: "I'm getting very fatigued of all this sliding..."

Brianne: "And what in the HELL is that?! Not a fruit I've seen before, that's for sure..."

Brianne: "Going down... Wait!! What was the red thing? A strawberry?"

Brianne: "Oh no. I think I missed that one."

Brianne: "That's five, so I'm good to go."
Grey: "SIX, FIVE, FOUR..."

Brianne: "Splendid!"

Grey: "Alright, you're up, Kenneth... Are you ready?"

Kenneth: "Yes Sir!"
Grey: "Then 3, 2, 1... GO!"

Kenneth: "Pft, this is easy... I have an ass made of steel! It's too bad that the other recipe masters can't say the same!"

Kenneth: "Oh, that's some lychee over there. Yep, definitely."

Kenneth: "And on I go! This is kind of fun! I feel like a hot, steamy firefighter or something!"

Kenneth: "What the hell is that brown thing? Is that even a fruit? Banana it is then."

Kenneth: "And it's definitely not a carrot... That's for sure."

Kenneth: "Aw, F***! I BANGED MY KNEE! SON OF A B****! What the hell are those? Apples?"

Kenneth: "Alright, moving on."

Kenneth: "Okay, um, that's a tomato... Unless tomato IS a fruit... Has anyone figured out if tomato is a fruit or veggie yet? I still think it's a vegetable, so... where's the fruit?"

Kenneth: "Oh! There it is! That's a-"
Grey: "10 SECONDS."
Kenneth: "Kiwi!"

Kenneth: "Wow! That plant moves! Cool!"

Kenneth: "Okay, okay... lot's of cabbages everywhere... Kind of weird..."

Kenneth: "Oh! Why hello there, coconut! Didn't see you way over there!"

Kenneth: "Damn, you're small. I've never seen one so small! All the coconuts I've seen are f****** huge, if you catch my drift.... Especially Chasity! Damn, her jugs were GINORMOUS!"
Grey: "FIVE, FOUR, THREE..."

Kenneth: "Okay, okay, I'm coming..."

Everyone: "HURRY THE F*** UP KENNETH!"
Kenneth: "Shut up... I'll do what I want!"
Grey: "TWO, ONE...."

Kenneth: "Who's the man?! Oh, right, I am. Oh yeah baby, just look at these bad boys!!"

  *            *          *

Grey: "Alright, recipe masters. Your part in the mission is nearly done. All you need to do now, is talk to your partner, the chef, and tell them the 5 fruits you remembered from each level in the building."

Grey: "And remember, if you want any points to be added into the pot, ALL 5 of your fruits need to be correct. So hopefully you have a good memory, and good luck."

(Note: The following fruits were the ACTUAL fruits that the creator of each recipe master came up with. They had to read a short story and answer a questionnaire on it; but what they didn't know is that there were 5 fruit names scattered throughout the story, and what they had to do was try to remember all 5 fruits, since I had deleted the story. These are the 5 fruits that each one had given me, which then I passed all 5 to their partner.)

Taiha: "Alright, so.... Hold on, let me think... I know I saw an orange in there, as well as some apples and a coconut.... Wait, was there a coconut in there? Yeah, I think so..."

Taiha: "Oh! And there was also an onion and a fish in there, so that's 5!"

Max: "Wait... what?! An onion and a FISH?! I'm sorry Taiha, but this isn't a smoothie for your CAT. Most humans I know don't make smoothies with fish as an ingredient..."
Taiha: "Well, that's what I saw, so you're just going to have to believe me."

Max: "Alright, so your 5 fruits are Orange, Apple, Coconut, Onion, and Fish?"
Taiha: "That is correct."

Thomas: "Hey Evana!"
Evangeline: "Hey... Whatcha got for me?"

Thomas: "Well, the 5 fruits that I saw were Mango, Watermelon, Apple, and a pineana."
Evangeline: "Pineana?! What in the world is that?!"
Thomas: "It's my mix for Pineapple and Banana, GET IT!?"

Evangeline: "Haha, okay Thomas. Thanks."

Brianne: "Apple, banana, orange, apple- shoot!"
Leon: "What can I do for you, ma'am?"
Brianne: "You can run up all those stairs and slide down 5 stories of poles, that's what you can do!! Why the hell did you make ME the recipe master?!" >:(

Leon: "Um, well... You said you always make the Butler or the maid do the cooking, and then I said, 'There is no Butler or maid here', into which you replied, 'Well, I'm definitely not getting my hands dirty with all that messy stuff, so you do it'..."
Brianne: "...I said that? Oh. Well. My bad."
Leon: "Yeah... it kinda is your bad..."

Brianne: "Well then! I think I forgot a fruit or two in the mix, but my final answer to you is: Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Banana, and Apple."

Leon: "Haha, this is going to be one weird-tasting smoothie! I'm excited!!"

Kenneth: "So... I MAY have gotten distracted once or twice while I was up there..."

Cole: "Distracted?! How? Dude, all you're supposed to do is look for fruits, memorize them, and continue. Simple as that. Were there naked women in there or something?"

Kenneth: "I wish! But you didn't see these fruits man! They were all just so... big and juicy! Gotta admit, they definitely reminded me of some old girlfriends."
Cole: "Was there a banana in there? Did that remind you of any past lovers too?"
Kenneth: "Ah, f*** you. And, in fact, there WAS a Banana in there... as well as a Kiwi, Lychee, Coconut, and an Apple."

Cole: "Alright, thanks... Lychee though? What the hell is that? I doubt they even have something like that in the fridge! I sure hope you're right on this..."

Grey: "Recipe masters! Please have a seat so you can let the Chef's do their work!"

Grey: "Good. Now, we enter part two of the mission. To all the chef's: You have exactly 30 minutes to turn in your final product of the smoothie. Once done, fill up a glass, and place it on this table. Your time starts now."

Evangeline: "Oh, shoot! I need to read the chalkboard, right?!"

Max: "This smoothie is already doomed, but might as well try, right? There's still the possibility of exemption somewhere..."

Taiha: "Woot! Go Max! You got this, dawg!!"
Thomas: "What? Max is secretly disguised as a human, but is actually a dog?!" *gasps* "I knew it!! You, the evil cat lady, along with your evil cat minion, are also working with the Diabolical Disguised Dog?!?!?! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!! Superman shall take you all down!! REVENGE IS MINE!"
Taiha: "...Alright."

Brianne: "Erm.... Best luck to you out there, Leon..."

Leon: "Let's see...."

Cole: "It's reads:

'The recipe for this smoothie contains the following ingredients:

2 slices of ______ (fruit)
2 slices of ______ (fruit)
2 slices of ______ (fruit)
2 slices of ______ (fruit)
2 slices of ______ (fruit)

1/3 cup _____ (A substance often found in desserts; also registered as a female name in the US)
1 cup _____ (A common beverage that contains casein, a protein that cleanses burning taste buds)
12 cubes of _____ (A form of H2O)
You will also need the following kitchen items to help you make this smoothie:
 A ______ (An electric mixing machine for food and beverage preparation)
A ______ (Common piece of silverware used to cut foods into smaller pieces)' "

Cole: "Well, I obviously need a blender to make it, and a knife to cut up the fruits... It says 12 cubes of blank, and the only thing I can think of is ice. In order for a smoothie to be a smoothie, it needs ice, right? To the freezer I go!"

Leon: "Substance often found in desserts... also a female's name... My mind is drawing a blank! I'm going to at least get started on making it though by gathering all the fruits I need and cutting them up. Pineapple and banana are right here, so that wasn't too hard to find...."

Evangeline: "I look so beautiful right now! Someone should take a pic of me!"

Max: "Trying to find some fish... It doesn't matter what kind, does it? Oh well, it's probably wrong anyways... Unless... It's some sort of way to get an exemption! If so, then good job Taiha! If not... I hate you. You could have at least came up with an ACTUAL fruit instead of just saying 'FISH'!"

Cole: *wipes away tears* "Get that camera out of my face!! I'm not actually crying... it's the onion! It's making me all teary-eyed... I swear!"

Cole: "Cutting the onion and banana was the easy part...Now, how in the heck do you cut a coconut?! And I can't even find one to begin with! There's none on this table nor the fridge... Hm... maybe there's some pre-cut slices in the fridge instead of the whole thing?"

 Leon: "Currently cutting up all the fruits... Can someone hire me a robot or something? I'm getting tired of cutting all of these fruits... Plus, robots are pretty cool. I can't wait for the day when everyone has their own pet robot!"

Leon: "I'm just going to blend all the fruits together first before adding in all the other ingredients... I don't want to break the blender! Though... I'm not sure how a blender can chop up apple slices... this is going to be interesting...."

Evangeline: "Okay, enough of my gorgeousness, back to the mission! What's a common beverage that helps soothe burning taste buds? I know when I was younger and ate something really hot, my dad would always say to drink some milk..." *gulps* "My dad... Daddy, I miss you more than you know. And if you're watching over me now, then know that I will always love you. You too mom. May you both rest in peace."
Thomas: "Whatever... But we're on a time schedule, you know that, right?"
Evangeline: "Yes, yes, sorry, back to work! I sure get distracted a lot..."

Evangeline: "So anyways... that ingredient is milk! One cup milk coming your way, blender! Does anyone know where the measuring cup is?"

Max: "Time to cut up my 5 fruits! Or, well, three fruits." >.<

Max: "Aw, man! Stupid slippery fish!"

Taiha: "DON'T DROP THE SOAP, MAX! HA! You Grey, on the other hand..."
Grey: "STOP. I don't like where this is going... But while we're on the subject, while we're in the shower, Kenzen and I-"
Taiha: "-Ewww!!! Gross! TMI dude, TMI!!!"
Max: "...can you guys stop talking? It's distracting me. Thank you."

 *            *           *

 Grey: "Finish up what you're doing, because you only have 3 minutes left!!"

Cole: "Crap... I'm not finished yet! I still need to add the milk!!"

Leon: "3 minutes?! But I still don't know what that 'substance found in desserts" thing is!! Cocoa? That's often found in desserts... AND it's a girls name, so... Ah, screw it, I don't have much time left anyways!"

Evangeline: "Haha! The other are all stressing while I'm already done! Just need to mix it some more so those watermelon chunks condense a little..."

Max: "Yes! I'm finished! With just a minute to spare!"

Max: "Just need to get a cup and I'm done. Phew, that was fun! Except.... I feel like I'm missing something... Oh, no! I forgot about that girl name and dessert thingy one!"

Max: " 'A substance often found in desserts; also registered as a female name in the US' ...Hm... You can find cherries on a lot of desserts, like sundaes and stuff... And Cherry can be a girl's name, might be spelled differently though, but it works!"

Max: "Now I just need to find a dang cherry!! There's gotta be some somewhere in this mess..."

Grey: "30 seconds!!"
Cole: "Almost finished!"

Leon: "Me too!"

Evangeline: "I'm done!!"
Grey: "Three, two, one.... STOP!"

Grey: "All Chefs, please gather over here with your final product. And recipe masters, please move your chairs to the sides."

Taiha: "Do you want my chair, Grey? I can give it to you if you want!!"
Grey: "No thanks."
Taiha: "Oh... Okay."

Brianne: "Still waiting."
Kenneth: "Oh, my bad, Brianne. I'll move that chair for you."

Brianne: "Finally. Good to know there are still some gentlemen in this day and age. I swear, this generation and future generations are just getting ruder and ruder... Where's the respect for women anymore?! It's a shame, really. Quite a shame."

Grey: "Alright, one at a time, I want each of the four of you to come over here and place your smoothie down so that I can taste test it. I know EXACTLY what this smoothie should taste like, so if I sense that just one ingredient is off, then you have failed this mission and those 50 points will go right down the drain."

Grey: "I will now give you the secret recipe to our prized smoothie mix... Okay, maybe it's not prized, the producers came up with the recipe within like, 2 minutes. So don't hold any grudges towards them. But anyways, the 8 ingredients to this smoothie recipe are:


"And Max, you're up first."

Max: "Alright, here you go! Here's my smoothie, hope you like it!"

Grey: "Thank you!"

Grey: "And remember, ALL 8 ingredients need to right in order to earn the 50 points for you and your partner. Alright, here we go..."

Grey: *drops glass* "Wha... What the hell is in this thing!?"
Max: "Um... Just some fish, and some onions, and some-"

Grey: "FISH?! ONIONS?! Oh no..."

Grey: "Uh... I don't feel so good..."

Grey: "...BLURGH!! ..."

*puking sounds*

Unfortunately, it seems as if we have ran into a technical problem! But don't worry, we will return after these short messages. 

((Made by Jake!!))

Max: Life is in fact better with pets. This goes for humans along with us sims.

Taiha: If you want our lives to be better, then buy the Sims 3: Pets!

Max: You can have dogs and you can teach them tricks such as sit or play dead.

Taiha: You can have cats and you can teach them to collect bugs, birds, or even some reptiles. You can also use the Sims 3: Pets to kill dogs!

Max: What did you say?

Taiha: Um, nothing!

Max and Taiha: With the Sims 3: Pets, you can make the lives of us sims better! Go receive your copy of the Sims 3: Pets today!

  *            *           *

Camera Man: "And... We're back!!"
Grey: "No, no, I'm not ready yet!!"

*pukes some more*
Max: "Um... Sorry. My bad."

Taiha: "No, it's my bad!! I'm so sorry Grey, I shouldn't have put fish and onion in there! Can you forgive me?!"
Grey: "You-" *pukes* "-did this?!" *pukes again* "YOU SICK PIECE OF-!!" *barfs*

 *A few minutes later...*

Grey: "Okay... And NOW we're back! Sorry about that folks, seems like we had a glitch in our system or something... Does anyone have a piece of gum? I can still taste that fish... BLEH!"

Grey: "But as you can guess, this is NOT the correct recipe. Sorry Max and Taiha, but you have failed, and no points will be added."

(Final Outcome: [Please note, these are the actual ingredients that the Chefs each gave to me]

Onion, Fish, Apple, Orange, Coconut, Cherry, Milk, Ice.)

Max: "Well. That was an epic fail. Go team Fannypacks!" *claps*
Taiha: "Woot woot! Go us!"

Grey: "Next up, Evangeline."

Evangeline: "Here it is! I actually took a sample of it earlier... It's pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself!"
Grey: "Alright, let's just hope it's better than the last one..." *shudders*

Evangeline: "Trust me, this one is MUCH better." *puts cup down on table*

Grey: "Here goes nothing..."

Grey: "Hm... Not bad. I can taste the apple, banana, and most especially, the sugar, which is an essential ingredient in a smoothie, so that's good. Unfortunately, it's not quite right, because you're missing 3 of the fruits. Nice try though, and I gotta say, this does taste pretty good!! Even though it tastes really weird at the same time...."

(Final Outcome:

Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon, Apple, Banana, Sugar, Milk, Ice.)

Grey: "Okay, thanks Evangeline. Leon, you're up."

Leon: "Here's my schmoothie! Hope you likes zit!!"
Brianne: "Why are you talking like a little bratty child?"
Leon: "I don't know... Sometimes I still think I am..."
Brianne: "Well, have fun Grey... Not the best smoothie in the world..."

Grey: "Two pairs have gone so far, and neither were able to get it right. Will you two be the first?"
*takes a sip*
"Hm... This is very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Is there chocolate in there? I don't recall any chocolate in the recipe... I also taste pineapple again, and that's obviously wrong. For those recipe masters who are wondering why pineapple isn't apart of the recipe, that's because I specifically said that there was only ONE fruit per story- and since pineapple and banana were in the same floor, you had to choose which one was more likely to be a fruit. And the correct answer was banana; that's because a pineapple by itself isn't technically a fruit- it's the stuff inside it that is. A pineapple, on the outside, is actually a plant. Not a part of the fruit making. So for those pairs who put in banana AND pineapple, that's why you are wrong.
Leon, this isn't that bad of a smoothie, but... it's still not quite there. Nice try though."

(Final Outcome:

 Apple, Banana, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cocoa, Milk, Ice.)

Grey: "Last but not least... Cole!"

Cole: "Here's our smoothie, Grey. Please don't puke on this one too!"

Grey: "Well, I was going to say that you guys might be the first ones to actually get the whole recipe right, but maybe not? Now I'm scared, haha."

*Sips multiple times*
Grey: "Okay, I'm sorry, this is really repulsive, but there's something in here that I can't quite guess what it is! Actually, there's several flavors in here that I can't guess... What in the heck did you put in this thing?! Pixy dust?!"

Cole: "Um... Well, it's probably the Lychee... it's a fruit, apparently... Yeah, I don't know either."
Grey: "Never heard of it. Kind of tastes like perfume or something.... weird."

(Final Outcome:

Kiwi, Banana, Coconut, Onion, Lychee, Ginger, Milk, Ice.)

Grey: "Thanks, Cole. Please join your fellow Chefs."

Grey: "Alright everyone, as you know, no pair got the recipe right, so no points were added to the pot. Gotta say contestants, I'm a bit surprised. This is your first mission to earn no points! But that's okay, you're not going to do good in EVERY mission, as I'm sure you already have seen first-hand in other missions."

Grey: "One last thing I want to mention... There were actually TWO hidden exemptions for this mission- and both were found and gained. In order to get one of these exemptions, you had to be lucky enough to look into your house fridge at the right time earlier this evening- that's because this morning, I put two post-its on two different onions, with words saying "REPLACE ONE OF YOUR FRUITS WITH 'ONION' IN TODAY'S MISSION TO EARN YOURSELF AN EXEMPTION"... Of course, the two people who found those notes earlier today realized that during the mission, that if they replaced a fruit with 'Onion', that would for-fit the chance of getting 50 points. However, both of them took the offer, and they both earned exemptions because of it. And those two people are...."

Taiha: "Woot woot! 3rd exemption this season, I'm on a role!"

"And Cole!"
Cole: "Yes, baby! First exemption this season!!"

Grey: "That is all I have for you today, so good night everyone. See you tomorrow night for your next Execution!!"

  *            *           *

CURRENT POT: 520/1050

Mission Scores/Results

Already been shown... But I'll show the outcomes of each pair again, along with a color-coding of right and wrong answers:

Jake and Haylo:
Onion, Fish, Apple, Orange, Coconut, Cherry, Milk, Ice. Blender and Knife.

Ashley and Artist:
 Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon, Apple, Banana, Sugar, Milk, Ice. Blender and Knife.

Meredith and Jojo:
 Apple, Banana, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cocoa, Milk, Ice. Blender and Knife.

Tina and Sammi:
 Kiwi, Banana, Coconut, Onion, Lychee, Ginger, Milk, Ice. Blender and Knife.

In case you were curious to see the story that the recipe masters had to read and answer questions on, this is it: (BTW, PEAR was the only fruit to be missed by ALL four recipe masters. I realized afterwards that memorizing all 5 fruits was a bit on the impossible side, so instead of having to get all 10 items right (8 ingredients + 2 kitchen materials) I lowered it down to 8, so it were possible for a pair to miss 2 fruits, or even 2 "essential ingredients". Unfortunately, no pair got more than 7 right, so no points were earned in this mission.

Here's the story:



            Lloyd woke up one morning in his house in California in a cold sweat; he had a dream that he was in an airplane, and something went terribly, terribly wrong. The bad part of this was, was that he was going to be taking an airplane down to Hawaii to visit a relative of his that very day. He sighed, got up, and looked at the clock. It was half past ten.

            “What?! It’s almost 11 already!! Crap, I need to get dressed!” His flight left at 11. He quickly got changed into a suit, and grabbed his bags and ran down stairs with them. He was soon greeted by his two dogs, Lily and Shiloh, Lily being a Border Collie and Shiloh an Australian Shepherd. 
He quickly poured a few cups of dog food into both of their bowls, and went to the backdoor and opened it so they could go outside and so that his dogsitter could get inside. He then put some cat food in a bowl for his cat, Ms. Fluffers, and when she came down to eat he scratched her ears.
He grabbed a banana off the counter to eat on the road, and got his bags and carried them to the car. He went back inside, checked everything to make sure he wouldn’t leave anything behind, before locking the front door and closing it.

            Luckily, he lived very close to the airport, so he was able to get there on time. As he got out of the car, he looked out at where the planes departed and took off, reading “North American Airlines” painted red on the sides of the planes. He suddenly remembered his dream again of the plane crashing, and quickly shook his head, knowing that he was being dramatic thinking that his dream might come to life. 

            He hurriedly ran inside, went through the scanners, and found the entrance to his plane, flight 266. He asked the lady if the plane had taken off yet, and she said she was closing the gate in just one more minute, so he just made it. He jogged down the pathway, and got into the airplane, and started going down the aisle until he could find a good enough seat to sit in. He was excited to find 2 chairs that were empty, because he wasn’t much of a talker and didn’t feel like talking to anyone. He quickly sat down in the window seat and looked out at all the other planes again. Suddenly, he felt a heavy jolt next to him, and spun around to see a fairly large man taking the seat next to him. Great, he thought. This is going to be a fun ride…

            After lift-off, they were in flight for awhile until Lloyd saw a flight attendant coming around asking people for drinks. He stared at her for awhile, memorized by her beauty. He also noted that she had a rather large buttox, and thought: Hm… she reminds me of the shape of a pear. How delicious she would be… 
   “Sir? Would you like something to drink? Sir?” Startled, Lloyd jumped up in his chair, and realized that the flight attendant he was just day dreaming about was hovering right over him.

            “Um… sure. What do you have?” He asked shyly. He felt embarrassed by the way he reacted when she asked him a question, and knew his chances of maybe trying to wooh her in the plane bathroom would be a bust.
            “We have soda, apple juice, and water.”

            “I’ll have just water, thanks,” he said, and turned his attention back to the window. He felt somewhat crammed against the wall because of that fat dude next to him, but he figured if the plane did crash, he’d act like a soft, solid wall of protection. Lloyd laughed at the thought of this, but then instantly felt bad for making fun of his weight.

            Slowly but surely, he began to fall asleep… it wasn’t for another few hours until it happened.

            Screaming. Shouting. Yelling, and utter chaos. Half disorientated, Lloyd began to open his eyes, only to see a frenzy of people running around, seeking a parachute, or people praying or crying in their seats. He felt a strange sense of doom. And then it hit him. It was happening. For real. The plane was crashing, and this wasn’t a dream… this was the real thing. Before he had a chance to do anything else, the plane swerved to the side, spiraled down, and the rest was utter blackness…

 *                 *                  *

*3 years later*
            It was three years later. Lloyd had survived the plane crash, and was now thriving on a pretty decent sized island, completely isolated from human civilization. Luckily for him, in his life before the plane crash he watched many survival shows on Animal Planet and Discovery, so he was fully equipped mentally for the things he had to face in the wilderness. He survived off the fruits of trees, like coconuts, and meats from animals, such as birds, fish, and rabbits. He also knew how to filter sea water, all of which helped him stay alive until he was rescued.

            But, of course, rescue never happened. They did send rescue teams to see if there were any survivors from the plane crash, but alas, their search soon ended because it was pretty much assumed all passengers had died on impact once the plane collided with the ocean surfaces and exploded- Lloyd had jumped out just in time, and that’s why he’s still alive today.

            Of course, he was a disaster hygiene wise- his long blonde hair past his shoulders now, his whole body covered in filth, and his teeth pretty much rotten. Lloyd didn’t care though. He was thankful just to be alive. And, after being alone for so long, he began to create an imaginary friend, named Waffles. He and Waffles had many “adventures” together, but of course, there was no Waffles at all- he was a crazy man talking to himself. It finally got to the point of whether he would spend his life forever on the island, or try a plan to escape; and a plan to escape it was.

            His previous beach fires didn’t help at all, so if no one would help him, he’d just have to help himself. He built a raft out of wood from tree pines, and after a whole month, he was done.

 *                 *                  *

            After a week of surviving the torments of the rapids, he discovered land- or rather, another island… Hawaii!! He finally reached his destination, after over 3 long years. He was able to find his Aunt Annie, which was the reason he went on that plane in the first place. He told her the whole story, and she was astonished that he had lived from the crash. She fed him a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, cereal, and many slices of oranges, and Lloyd told her he had to leave to go back home to check on family and friends, as well as to see if his pets were okay. She gave him the money to take the plane back to San Francisco, but he refused to ride a plane; instead, he took a boat back home, and on this boat, he thought: Ah…. It’s nice to be going back home after so long. I’m just happy that I survived this ordeal… If there’s one thing I learned, it’s to treasure every single moment in life, because you never know when your time is up.


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