Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Episode 3

Day 2

 Thomas: "I'm quite enjoying the experience so far, my roomates are nice...for now."
"One of them is evil..."
"Of course! Isn't it obvious?"
"Well no."
"You know nothing, don't you?"
*sigh* "Anyway, as I was interrupted for no good reason..."
"Look who's talking nerd!"
"I better leave, I need to deal with some important issues..."
"Important? Ha, the only thing important to you is your teddy bear!"
                                                                              "Er..what teddy bear? hehe..."

Selena: "I still can’t get over that first mission, I can’t believe that geeky Thomas kid didn’t have enough faith in me! Hah, obviously I can grab a little bag while shooting off a massive building! I knew I was able to! Pinky the pixie told me so! I made some waffles the other day. Thought I was going to do well. Well, I guess I’m not gonna impress people with my non-existent cooking skills! I LOVE my room, A bit worried about falling into the water, getting eaten by the shark, but im sure Shelly the Shell who lives with Sharkie will make Sharkie like me. Spin the bottle was fun, I was expecting to not get the bottle to point at me, but I guess the genie did its thing, and made it swerve my way! Max is a good kisser, I guess. He's totally cute in his little white boxers, and he's really sweet. I don’t really want to rush into a showmance... Not this early, maybe later on.
The monsters in the earth room tell me so ;) "

Cole: "Wow, this is the most interesting experience I have ever been in! I still feel so bad about not grabbing that bag in the first mission, I just know everyone hates me still! I need to find a way to make it up to everyone! I did feel better after apologizing to Evangeline, I'm still not sure if she forgives me or not, I really hope so, she's so pretty and smells so good! I could never tell her that I like her though, not after I made such a big fool of myself, maybe if I'm extra nice to her she'll forgive me and I'll get a chance to know her better! Hmmm... I wonder if she likes football?"

 *After the Dinner and the Quiz*

Selena: "Wooh! I'm so relieved that there wasn't an Execution tonight!!"

Cole: "I know! It would definitely suck if someone went home this early."

Amber: "Yeah, but now we all have to try harder on the next quiz, just in case you were to get that -3 deduction for doing the worst on the quiz..."

Selena: "Yeah, that's true. Well, goodnight you two! Try not to push me off the edge again, okay, Cole?"
Cole: "What?! I never pushed you off last night!"
Selena: "Haha, only joking... but you were moving a lot... it was making me nauseous. I really don't want to be shark bait any time in my life!"
Cole & Selena: "..."

 *         *         *

Courtney: "Ugh, Kenneth, where do I start? He's annoying, narcissistic, and clueless as to how incredibly stupid he is. Honestly, who does he think he is? He's definitely not hot, and he's definitely not funny. He also has NO idea how to pick up the ladies, I mean, honestly...ugh, the man is disgusting and obnoxious, why couldn't I have been stuck sleeping in the same bed with Leon or Devin? At least they're tolerable!"

  Kenneth: "Woah Courtney! One minute she's all hot for me, and the next when my morning erm... duty calls.. she runs for the hills! I thought feeling that immense beast in the morning would bring her closer! Wow was I wrong! Oh well, if she isn't up for a little bit of the best she'll ever have I’m just gonna have to give the other girls a go ;). It's my bed too after all, isn't it? She can't stop me christening it! A bed like that needs some action, and I am not gonna let that opportunity pass me by if I can help it! I wonder which woman will fall for my assets next. Oh yes, baby. Kenneth is on the prowl! Though, I bet I could still get that Courtney chick if I wanted her. Hey, no girl has turned me down yet! I've had single women, married women - hell... I've even turned lesbians straight with my godlike skills in the bedroom... oh and obviously my smooth talking getting her into the bedroom in the first place. Speaking of women I've had - HI CHASITY, DOLL. HOW YOU DOIN'? ;) "

 Day 3

*Cat Hiss*
Max: "Wha-?!"

Max: "What the.... what are you doing up there, Mr. Fluffers?"

*Raises fur, hisses again*

Max: "Here, let me help you get down- AH!"

Max: "What the hell?! Wait... DUG?!"

*Gets up, stretches*

Max: "Oh my god, it IS you!! Dug! How in the world did you get here?!"
*wags tail*

Max: "OH-! Haha, okay, calm down, boy. I know, I know... it's been 3 whole days!"

 Taiha: *Yawns* "Ah...."

Taiha: "Good morning, Ma- AHHH!"


Taiha: "OH no, oh no, oh no... where's Mr. Fluffers?! Is- is that, him, right there, on the ground?" 0_o

Taiha: "Did-did, did that dog eat Mr. Fluffers?! No, it couldn't... no, thi-this, can't be happening..." 
*begins to cry uncontrollably* 

Taiha: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

Taiha: "Why me, why me?! What did I ever do wrong?!" *sobs* "I can't go on like this! I, I just can't!"

 Max: "ER.... Taiha? Mr. Fluffers is still alive..."

Taiha: "-Huh? What did you say?"
Max: "Mr. Fluffers- he's still alive. He's right up there-" *points*

Taiha: "Mr.... Mr. Fluffers! Oh, thank the heavens!! I thought I lost you forever, my sweet angel!!"

Taiha: "Come here, come to momma. I know, that big dog is very scary, so I'll take you somewhere safe!"


  Taiha: *holding cat*
"Ok. So last night I lied to Grey about not knowing where Mr. Fluffers is... He's right here. He's my good luck charm... well our good luck charm. I stole him from Maya before I left. Oh. I forgot... I was so caught up with Grey and cats and the show, that I forgot about Maya. *sobs* Maya's my twin sister and we never leave each other's sides... except for now. And I promise I won't lie to Grey again... well I'll try."

*Jumps off*

Taiha: "What- where are you going?!"

Taiha: "Oh not again... MR. FLUFFERS!!! COME BACK!!"

Courtney: "La la la la...."

Courtney: "-Wait... What was that?"

Courtney: "Hm... I guess it was nothing!! La la la la...."

Taiha: "MR. FLUFFERS!!!! NOOOO!!"

Max: "Haha, what are you going, Dug? Get off of Taiha's bed! I don't think she'd want a dog sleeping on her bed..."

Max: "Ah zeeh's a good boy! Who's a good boy? Yes, you're a good boy!!" 

Max: "Grey!"

Grey: "Oh come on! Not again!"

Grey: "Now we have a dog in our hands, I see? Well, how the hell did he get here?! There's no way you could have fit him in any of your luggage..."

Max: "Honestly, I have no clue!! He must have followed me here, or something!"

Brianne: "What's up with all this commotion? Wait... now there's a DOG, too?! You people are simply deranged."

Brianne: "I'm going back to sleep."

Grey: "Well, I guess it's possible... did you hear of the story of the dog who found his home, after being completely blown hundreds of miles away from it, by a tornado? So it's not as far-fetched... he must have followed your car all the way here, or somehow tracked your scent."

Max: "Yes, I did hear of that story! But that's incredible... I mean, I know they have good smelling and all, but to follow me all the way here.... wow."

Grey: "Well, before you say you want to keep him like the other dimwit who wanted to keep her cat, I'll repeat: no, you can't keep him."

Grey: "And once again... you have your own pair of Dug's on your feet! They're nearly identical! Can't you just look at those, and that would be enough?!"
Max: "Well... If I can't keep him, then, I guess you can take him back home..."

Grey: "Good. That was easy. Okay, come here, boy! Time to go back home! I'm not even going to try and pet you after the last incident..."

Max: "I'll be home before you know it, okay?"
*Dug whines*


Max: "Somehow, when I woke up in the morning, I saw my dog Dug in the earth room. Apparently, he miss me so much that he was able to track me down, and found me in the mole house. I know that he can't live here, so I gotta have Sugar who is the name of the dog-sitter dog-sitting my dogs, and a friend of mine, take him back to Santa Monica."


 *         *         *

Kenneth: "Woah!"
Selena: "Ah!"

Selena: "OH god, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were in here!!"
Kenneth: "Haha, that's okay. I was just leaving, anyway."

Selena: "Oh..." *giggles shyly* "Thank you."

Selena: "Well, um, you know... I need to use the bathroom..."

Selena: "Are you... are you staring at my chest?!"

Kenneth: "What?! No, of course not!"

Selena: "Well, you definitely weren't looking at my face! Now get out!"

Kenneth: "But-"

Selena: "No, just GET OUT!!"

Selena: "My god... men these days!!"

 *         *         *

Kenneth: "I'm loving my roommates! I'm the only guy sharing a bed, and god knows it's good I got that double ;). Plus the guys, Leon and Devin are actually pretty cool. I don't usually get on with guys... well... guys don't usually get along with me... I always seem to accidently sleep with their girlfriends - but hey, there doesn't seem much chance of that happening in here.. unless they have visiting days ;D haha. Nah I joke. If I get along with them I'd definitely try to keep it in my pants, from their girlfriends at least."

Courtney (muttering to herself): "No, no, that doesn't look right..."

Courtney: "There, that's perfect! Wait, no, that too looks wrong..." *adjusts it once again*

Courtney: "Gah! That doesn't look right either!! OH, and just great, Kenneth left his clothes on the ground. Yet again. The nerve of some people..."

Courtney: "Wait- hm..." *evil grin*

Courtney: "This will teach him not to leave his clothes on the ground!"

Courtney: "Goodbye, Kenneth's clothes!!"

*tosses them in the fire pit*


Kenneth: "Hey Courtney the Cutie! Whatcha up to?"

Courtney: "Oh, nothing... just er... enjoying the view!"
Kenneth: "Oh, cool! Yeah, I just need to get dressed for today's mission."

Kenneth: "Wait- where are my clothes? Have you seen them?"

Courtney: "See you later!"

Courtney: "I burned Kenneth's socks...and shoes...and shirt...and pants...I spared his underwear...I didn't want to be stuck sleeping in the same bed as him with no underwear..."

Kenneth: "...Not cool. Well, I guess it's not too bad... now I have an excuse to walk around the house half-naked!! Once all the women see me like this, it'll be impossible to resist me." ;D

 *         *         *

Grey: "Welcome to your second mission, everyone!!"


*Everyone looks at each other, confused*

Grey: "Nah... joking. Jesus... people can't take a joke these days!! Okay, please form two lines!"

Grey: "Okay, good. Now, this mission is called, 'Words Are A Man's Best Friend'. How this mission works, you ask?"

Grey: "Well, behind me, is a large field containing a large number of random objects and items, such as..."

"A bed."

"A machine that creates rain."

"And a kitchen set... of frying pans."

Grey: "The objective is to discover what the secret answer is- the answer is a common phrase that everyone should know. Using these 20 random objects, will help you identify what this common saying is. However, no less than 2, and no more than five, of these objects actually have anything to do with the answer. So, anywhere between 2-5 of these items will be the actual hints in order to solve the answer... and, the items will be removed periodically over the next 2 hours, making it easier to guess as time goes on."

Grey: "When you think you have the answer, simply come over to the answer booth, and..."

"...tell me your answer! Everyone will start off with 3 guesses, but you will lose a guess at different intervals- meaning, when there are 15 items left on the field, then anyone still with 3 guesses loses one. When there's 12 left, anyone with 2 guesses left loses one, and when there's just 8 items left, anyone still with a guess loses it, and the mission is over. If you get the answer right at any point, 13 points will be added to the pot."

Grey: "Because there are 13 of you, this mission is worth 170 points. 13 times 13, equals 169, so I added an extra point to make it the even total of 170."

Grey: "One last thing... there are two exemptions in play! One, is hidden- you must be lucky enough to run into it, in order to obtain it, if you do so desire. And, the second exemption, in order to get it, you must be the FIRST person to guess the answer right. Everyone understand?"
Everyone: "Yes!"

Grey: "Good. Okay, here we go... on your mark, get set...... GO!"

Grey: "Well... this is going to be a long afternoon! Oh well, guess I get to catch up on my reading!"

 Brianne: "Hm... a boat..."

Max: "Ooh! Fire!"

Courtney: "What the f***?! What does a bed have to do with anything?! Unless... it symbolizes sleep..."

Evangeline: "Look at the RAIN!! Ooh! It's so cold!!"

Leon: "A wad of cash... hm... money can't buy you happiness, no.... A dollar- nah..."

Amber: "Oh! That looks like a sharp sword... may come in handy sometime on this show... I'LL CUT THAT MOLE INTO LITTLE PIECES!!"

Cole: "Wolves? No, those are three dogs... hm..."

Selena: "What is that?! The x-ray of some leaves?! I'm just going to leaf that one alone..." (;D)

Ashton: "Ooh! That's the sun! I know a few sayings that involve the sun.... just got to think of one that also features some other items, too!"

Thomas: "Oh my gawd, there is a garbage can roysh thar!!" (my attempt at doing an Irish accent XD)

Kenneth: "Is that bird real or fake? Oh, it's not moving.... looks real, though. "

Taiha: "Oh look, a painting!"

Taiha: "Aw... look at that sad little kitty! His eyes! Looks like Mr. Fluffers!! Can't. Resist. Adorableness!"

Devin: "Ooh, that's a good one... a grave. Or, more likely, it symbolizes death of some sort... or maybe the ending of something... like a relationship.... Noo!!" *begins crying* "Elizabeth!! I still love you!! DON'T LEAVE ME!! NOOOOOO!!!!" *sobs*

*5 minutes later*

Evangeline: "Okay, let's see, what do I know already..."

Evangeline: "Come on girl, think! You NEED this exemption! There's a sun, and then there's a bird..."

Evangeline: "Yes! I just hope no one else has guessed yet..."

Grey: "And who is our first victim today?"

 (NOTE: The order in which the contestants go up to guess is random, in order to create more suspense of who earned the exemption. Whoever got the exemption by answering correctly first, will be revealed during the end of the mission.
Also, the answers that the players come up with, are the answers of the actual contestants of this show... if it's in italics, that means their creator came up with that guess.)

Evangeline: "I am, and-"
Grey: "Please take a seat."
Evangeline: "-I think the answer is-"
Grey: "Or don't. That's cool."
Evangeline: "The early bird catches the worm!"

Evangeline: "Is that it?! Is that the answer?! I doubt it, but I really want this exemption..."

Grey: "Unfortunately, that is incorrect... you now have 2 guesses left."
Evangeline: "Alright... I'll be back later to guess again."

Thomas: "I'm getting kind of tired of thinking... can I just go and sleep on the bed? I really-"

*Loud Explosion*


*runs away*
Grey: "Oh, did I forget to mention? The items are removed by explosion... so, don't go past the red ropes, unless you want to die." :)

 *A couple of minutes later...*
Ashton: "Alright, my first guess is... 'Death of a friend can get kind of rusty'?"
Grey: "Sorry, but that is wrong... you now have 2 guesses left."

Cole: "Hm... what do you think that could be, other than the sun? I feel like that's too obvious... maybe it represents happiness, or maybe the summer?"

Devin: "Yeah, it could definitely mean something else, like summertime or spring... good point. It's just that none of these things are adding up to any type of saying..."

Cole: "I know, it's a bit frustrating... I can't seem to come up with anything either."

Devin: "Well... I kind of have a guess, I mind as well guess now before I lose one, since there's only 16 left now..."

Cole: "Good luck with that! Haha, are you sure we're not allowed to give each other hints, to help each other out?"
Devin: "Trust me, I'd love to give you the answer, but I don't even know it yet for sure. Plus, our points would be disqualified if we were caught cheating."
Cole: "Yeah, that's true... I still wish I could get SOME kind of help..."

Devin: "My first guess is... 'It's raining cats and dogs'."
Grey: "And that is... correct! Nice job, Devin, you just added 13 points to the pot!"
Devin: "Wait, what?! I actually got it right? Awesome!"

Grey: "Yeah.... I'm now officially bored. Why did I sign up to host this show again?"


Grey: "Oh, goody! Some action! There goes the tombstone! Looks like the tombstone just died! How ironic, no? No, I guess not..." *ahem* "Anyways..."


Courtney: "Have you already guessed?"

Ashton: "Yeah, I've guessed once so far... what about you?"

Courtney: "I haven't guessed yet, I still have no idea what it-"

*Loud Explosion*

Ashton: "Um, ow. That hurt my ears."

Courtney: "Ditto... well, there goes the Fire Hydrant! And I now think I have a guess..."

Courtney: "My first guess will be.... 'Exemption'."

Courtney: "It's worth a shot... I just really want that hidden exemption..."
Grey: "Well, that is incorrect... the hidden exemption will be revealed at the end of the mission, so wait till then to see if you unlocked it or not."

Brianne: "Frying pan, frying pan..."

Brianne: "Hm..."

Brianne: "There's fire, too... frying pan and fire... ooh!"

 Brianne: "My first guess will be: 'Out of the frying pan, into the fire'."
Grey: "Sorry, but that is wrong- it could definitely work, though- it's just not the answer I'm looking for."

Cole: "Okay, so for my first guess, I'm going with: 'A bird in the hand is worth more then 2 in the tree'?"
Grey: "Sorry, but that is not correct!"
Cole: "****!"

Leon: "For my answer, I'm guessing: 'It's raining cats and dogs'."
Grey: "And that is correct! Nice job! On your first guess, too!"

Kenneth: "Is the answer, 'It's raining cats and dogs'?"
Grey: "Yes, yes it is! Nice job, that's 13 more points to the pot!"

Kenneth: "You know, I think you must be in the wrong place - the Miss Universe contest is over there."
Selena: "Pft, oh stop it, Kenneth!"

Kenneth: "You know, Chas- I mean, Selena! Sorry, Selena.... Selena the Sexy! You know, Selena-"

Selena: "Ew, did you just call me Selena the Sexy? Okay, we are not in a relationship, so you are not allowed to say stuff like that. And I still don't forgive you after our... last, incident..."
Kenneth: "Oh, come on! It's not like-"
Selena: "I got to go."

Selena: "Oh, hey, Max!"

Max: "Hey Selena! Um, so, er... how are you doing on the mission?"

Kenneth: "Whatever..."
Selena: "Haha, not so good, actually. I can't seem to think of anything! What about you?"

Max: "Well, I'm starting to get a whole bunch of ideas, so I'm going to go talk to Grey now. One of them is bound to be correct, right?"
Selena: "Hopefully! Because we both know that I'm not going to be helping the group out on this one!"
*Both laugh*

Max: "Okay, well, I have three guesses, so my first one is: 'Every dog has its day'."

 Grey: "Unfortunately, that's not right... what's your second guess?"

 Max: "Okay, my second guess is to try and get the hidden exemption... 'Words are a man's best friend'?"

 Grey: "Obviously, that is also incorrect, so that means you only have one guess left. The hidden exemption will be revealed at the end of the mission, so you have to wait till then!"
Max: "Alright, cool. And I might as well guess again.... is the answer, 'raining cats and dogs'?"
Grey: "Yes, that is the answer!! Good job."

Brianne: "Okay, for my second guess, I'm going to go with... 'Killing two birds with one stone'?"
Grey: "Sadly, that is also incorrect. You only have one guess left, use it wisely!"

*Loud Explosion in the distance*
Grey: "Alright, that was the eighth item, so now there are only 12 items left!!"

 Thomas: "I got the answer, I got the answer!! Is it, 'Money can't buy the coziness of your own bed'?"
Grey: "Nope, sorry, that is incorrect."

Thomas: "Aw.... I really thought I had that one!!"

Leon: "So... what is that? Spiral Staircase? Or just stairs?" (or a ladder- couldn't quite find that one in-game. XD)

Amber: "Appears like it... any ideas?"

Taiha: "Nope, I'm stumped... though I do feel like I've heard a few sayings with 'stairs' in it... hm.... honestly, I think the answer is going to be something that involves cats. Because, you know... cats are awesome."


Amber: "Well, there goes... whatever the f*** was there before."

Taiha: "I think it was a telephone... oh well! It's gone now!"

Evangeline: "Okay, my next guess shall be... 'Curiosity Killed the Cat'?"
Grey: "Sadly, that too, is incorrect. Sorry... however, you still have one more try!!"

Brianne: "Okay, my last guess is going to be, 'It's raining like cats and dogs'... is that correct?"
Grey: "Yes, that is, in fact, correct!! Well done!"
Brianne: "Splendid."

Thomas: "Okay, let me try again!! I'm going to go with... 'it's raining cats and dogs'."
Grey: "Very well done, that is the right answer!!"

Cole: "This time, I'm going to guess, 'It's raining cats and dogs'."
Grey: "Good job! That is correct- you just added 13 points to the pot!"

Amber: "Alright, my first guess will have to be... hm... I think I'm going to go with, 'It's raining cats and dogs'?"
Grey: "Yes!! That is the right answer, nicely done!"

Taiha: "OMG, this is so exciting!!! Here I am again, right next to Grey Winters!!! I just can't get over the fact that I finally get to meet you!!"
Grey: "...this isn't a date. Calm down."

Taiha: "Oh, okay, sorry... I apologize if I'm annoying to you, it's just... YOU ARE LEGENDARY!!"
Grey: "Tell me something I don't already know."

Taiha: "Anyway... this has kind of bugging me for awhile, but have you changed something about yourself from last season? You look different... you look much more handsomer, too." ;-)

Grey: "Oh, haha, you noticed? Yeah, I'm wearing this new white vest that I got, I got bored of my gray one... which is ironic, since my name is gray... or grey... yeah..."

Grey: "AND, I got a new scarf!! With matching shoes, how cool is that?!"
Taiha: "Pretty cool, I'd say! I really like it, I think that it definitely-"
Grey: "Yeah, whatever- so what's your guess again?"

Taiha: "...Oh... yeah, my guess. Is it, 'Curiosity killed the cat'?"
Grey: "Nope."
Taiha: "No? What about, 'Raining Cats and Dogs'?!" 
Grey: "Yep."
Taiha: "I got it right?! Awesome!"

Taiha: "Bye Grey!"
Grey: "Don't trip on your way out..."

*Explosion in the background...*

Grey: "Alright, that's the last one, so this mission is over. Everyone, gather up!!"

*            *             *

Grey: "Alright, so- you guys want to know how you did??"
Everyone: "Yes!"

Grey: "Well... as a group, it looks like you guys have excelled once again!! 9 of you were able to get the answer right- so that means, 117 points will be added to the pot! Not bad, right? But beware: so far, you have only played in individual-based missions, there have been no missions so far that required a group effort- and that will soon change. Remember, the Mole is still amongst you, and is eager to sabotage the group as a whole, when the time is right. So good luck in the future missions."

Grey: "Okay, so as I said before this mission started, there were 2 exemptions in play... for one, there was a hidden exemption- and, quite surprisingly, someone was able to find it. That person was....."

Grey: "Courtney! She was able to unlock the hidden exemption by guessing, 'exemption', as one of her guesses... however, afterwards, she was warned that if she wanted to take it, she must for-fit her remainder guesses, causing a loss of 13 points... but, nevertheless, she still took it, and is now exempt from the next Mole Quiz."
Courtney: "Oh yeah!!"

Grey: "Also, there was a second exemption in play... whoever was able to guess correctly first, would earn this exemption..."
(NOTE: To clarify, the order in which the sims guessed on here was completely random- technically, Devin would earn this exemption, because he was the first to guess correctly, but I'm going by the first RL contestant who was able to turn it in first.... sorry for the confusion, it was a mistake on my part.)

Grey: "And that person was... drum roll please!!"

Grey: "Taiha! Taiha, you are also exempt from the next Mole Quiz!!"
Taiha: "YES! Mr. Fluffers and I- I mean, I'm not leaving just yet!!"

Grey: "Alright, before I let you guys go back to the house, there's one more thing I need to tell you..."

Grey: "When you get back, you'll find your journals there... as I'm sure you know, your journal is the only place where you are able to record information about your suspicions on the other players, by how they talk, act, and how well they do on the missions. Failure to keep on top of your journal is guaranteeing yourself to be executed, simply because it's impossible to remember everything that you see and hear that might be considered mole activity. Keeping a detailed and organized journal is key to winning the game... just ask Nwa from last season." ;D

 Grey: "Alright, that is all. Dinner, Quiz, and Execution will be in two days, so you have some time to rest up and fill out those journals!"

*            *             *


Red = They got it wrong, Green = They got it right.

Ashton Snapp by SnappSimz (1 try)
Max Radcliffe by x_MG_x (3 tries)
Cole Sheppard by leggokatz (2 tries)
Devin Hardman
by mle4ever (1 try)
Kenneth Nova
by Suresammi (1 try)
Leon Covington
by Meredith
(1 try)

Evangeline Merino by ashleyadorable (2 tries)
Courtney Ellan
by krose240 (1 try- exemption)
Taiha Anderson
by HayloHusky (2 tries- exemption)
Brianne Wentworth
by Jojo777 (3 tries)
Amber Greene
by gsdluver4 (1 try)
Selena Brooke
by Sims3PlayrG (0 tries)

CURRENT POT:  238/350

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