Monday, February 20, 2012

House Tour!!

Grey: "And welcome, to our Season 2, HOUSE T-"
Camera Man: "Wait, hold on a second."
Grey: "Why?!"
Camera Man: "Ice Cream trucks in the way."
Grey: "Again?!"

Grey: "I swear, it never goes away! You delete it, and it just keeps on coming back!"

Camera Man: "Okay, it drove off. we're good now!"

Grey: "Right. So where were we? OH, yes..."


"Let's go inside, shall we?"

"Here we are, the entrance way to the house! I like to call this the breeze-way, since, well, it's a breeze-way!"

"And to the right, we enter the kitchen and dining..."

"Plus a nice little bar and nectar booth on the side."

"Through this little door we have..."

"The Laundry Room. Contestants can clean and wash their clothes here... since, well, last season's contestants wore their same clothes everyday." 0_o

"And down into the dungeon we go!"

"The suspense is KILLING me!"

"Right, so down here in the basement, we have our... let's call it the Weight Room, the little gym equipment area."

"Sports-themed, with two tvs a stereo to help you continue doing your workout without getting bored."

"Nice sitting area."

"And a bathroom!"

"Even though there's two showers, I suggest going in once at a time... things might get a little awkward in here, since these brick walls aren't too high.... Moving on!"

"Back up the stairs we go, and through the breeze-way!"

"And into our entertainment center!!"

"Nice, fun, cozy and stylish, this room has it all."

"To the left of that, we have a bathroom and an office-type room."

"In here, you can do a multitude of stuff..." 

"Like read a book.... or form a secret coalition, in this clash of older and futuristic styled furniture."

"You can also play chess, or play games on the computer."

"Back into the Entertainment center, let's adventure outside into the patio!"

"This nice and tranquil area will sure put your mind at ease. It has a spa-like atmosphere."

"And apparently these things blow out smoke. Not even sure what they are."

"Also, right outside the patio lies the hot tub... which looks out over the ocean, perfect time to relax while watching the sun set."

"And to the pool!"

"Nice sitting area to get that sunny-D!! I mean... D, vitamin D. Though sunny delight is pretty good... ah, I miss my years as a child!"

"Two tables out back for a barbeque, with some weird-floaty-thingy in the background that just stays there and doesn't go away." :/ 

"Ooh!! And yes, there is a second pool. Why the architect thought you guys needed two pools is beyond me."

"And.... back into the patio, and back inside!"

"Up the stairs to the bedrooms!"

"Here, we have a nice little area for the players to rock and jam out... not sure if we have any musicians this season, but we can still laugh when we watch the others try and fail!"

"This leads into another bathroom..."

"And over on THIS side..."

"...we have some kind of table game. No idea what it's called, but I'm sure it's fun."

"With a cool little modern sitting area."

"And a dartboard! Though, there's no darts with it, because it breaks a state law stating we can't have sharp objects in the house, so... the contestants are just going to have to deal with it! Hey, if they can manage to cut their sandwiches with a spoon instead of a knife, I'm sure they'll be able to manage having fun playing darts with imaginary darts... the fun has only just begun!"

 Grey: "Now, we can enter the 4 bedrooms... as you may have noticed, the walls are painted up here in four different colors: red, green, blue, and white..."

"...remind you of anything?"

"Well, these are the colors of the 4 natural elements of the Earth- and each bedroom is themed with each of the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. We went a bit beyond the norm, here, and got extra creative... So let's start here, with the red- Fire!!"

Camera Man: "..."

Grey: "Oh hey good-looking!"
Cameron Man: "Mr. Winters, stop getting distracted!"

Grey: "Waah?!! OH, sorry!!"

"Okay, back to work..."

"Once you exit the door, you go around the side where you will see another door..."

"...which leads you into-"


"This guy will greet you with a big ball of flame. How exciting is that?!"

"Here are some more views of this room..."

"Be careful not to fall down!! Unlike these unlucky chaps..."

"Two staircases on either side of this queen sized bed, that lead up to the next floor."

"Up here, you have a view of everything going on down below. Pretty neat if you ask me. Just make sure not to rollover in your sleep unless you want to fall into a pit of fire... your choice. I'd personally prefer not waking up on fire, but that's just me."

"And I'm sure these two roommates are going to have a lot of time to get to know each other!! Even though there's no way for physical contact since they are separated on either side..."

"Can't say the same for the two sharing this bed. They're going to have PLENTY of physical contact, if you know what I mean." ;) 

"Okay!! Next!"

"Let's enter into the Earth Room, shall we? If you like rocks and nature and flowers and animals.... this rooms for you."

"Dun dun dun.... DUN!!!"

"The Earth Room!!"

"A large and majestic stair way that leads you in and out of the room."

"A sky-roof that looks up into the wonderfulness of the sky. I know it seems like it might get a bit cold in here at night time, but this was designed to have a green-house type of effect, so the solar energy from the sun should keep it nice and toasty in here, 24/7!"

"More views... a lovely pond on the side, with plentiful fish swimming around."

"And, your own personnel tree house bathroom- who ever heard of such a thing?! Might not look like it, but there's plumbing in there, so you should be good to go!" ;D

"And there's plenty of bugs and animals walking and flying about. Adds a large sense of nature to this room, the very elements of Earth."

"A cool little sitting area on the side- created to represent mountains. It requires some effort to climb up onto one of these beanie-bags, but it's worth it once you're up there!"

"And, designed as pirahhana plants... or so it looks like. Some kind of evil plant trying to eat you, that's all."

"And look! I just caught a butterfly! Ah... it's just so peaceful and beautiful in here!"

"And you should see this place at night time!! It's even more- Ahck! Ugck! ...I think I just swallowed a fly!" 0_o

"Okay, that was fun, the Earth room is definitely one of my favorites... well, they are all pretty awesome, so let's move on to see the rest!!"

"Water and Air!"

"Let's check out the Water Room first!"

"Almost there... just need to go down the staircase now!"

"Welcome to... the Water Room!!!"

"A skinny little straight-away that leads right into a little island."

"Ooooh... look at that shark in the background!"

"The three people staying in here will sleep in these sleeping bags. Unfortunately, we could not provide beds because there wasn't enough room on this small little island, but trust me- these sleeping bags are just as comfortable and warm!! Just... just try not to push the others in your sleep, because you may send them over the edge... haha, pun unintended!! That was the name of the first mission last season!! 
*Ahem* Anyways... yes!! Don't push! I just really hope everyone knows how to swim..."

"And a really awesome sitting area on the side- absolutely perfect beanie-bags for this room, fits so perfectly! Ah... the mental feeling of a shark biting and swallowing you... who could pass that offer up?!"

"There's also a cool little statue did with a trident... HOW COOL IS THAT?!"

"Aw... that's a bummer. Look down there! Looks like someone didn't make it... there's a skeleton in that boat! Wow, a lot of people have died in this house..."

"And, lastly... flying fish!! How awesome is that?! If you watch and wait long enough, you might just spot one." ;D

"Back up the stairs we go!"

"Now, I've shown you the Fire Room, and Earth Room, and the Water Room... after everything you've seen, what do you expect the Air Room to look like?"

"Here we go!! And no, it's not going to be a room with cloud wallpaper in it. Much more epic."

Grey: "Level... 5!"

*Bloop, bloop, bloop, bleep!*
"Hey, how did you get up here faster than me?!"

"This is, the Air Room!!"

"Be extremely careful on this part! I don't know who's genius idea it was to make a diamond-shaped path 5 stories up in the air, but... we'll just go along with it. So don't fall, because YOU. WILL. DIE." :)

"This is the hardest part... making this jump right here. It's really scary, even if it's a really short jump."

"And here we are... I know it may not look like it, but these see-through panels are actually made of glass, so you can step on them- there's actually something there to hold you up!!"

"Three beds, as usual... they kind of have a god-ish feel to them, like you're living up in Olympos with the Greek Gods, no? And there's a constant spray of fog and mist up here, like we're in the clouds, adding to the effect that's we're in heaven!!"

"And... the Tree of Tranquility. Don't ask how we managed this, just believe it. Not all of us are poor and worthless Muggles, you know... anyways! Yes, this beautiful fantasy tree attracts tons of colorful birds, so expect to see many types of birds resting up here!"

"Also, a nice little changing corner for those who want to get dressed without perves using Google Earth watching..." 

"And lastly... yet again another sitting area, with cool and modern furniture. Perfect place to sit and chat and watch the world go by, seeing the sun rising and the stars come out. And, if you want, you could have fun throwing objects down at people in the backyard. That's always fun too!!"

"Ah, what a beautiful view... you can see everything from up here!"

"Look, and that's the entrance to the Fire Room!!"

"And look there! That's-"


 "Someone help meeeee!!!!!!!"





*      *      *

Ignore... Just video testing...

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