Thursday, November 8, 2012

Episode 19

 *After the execution*

 Brianne: "It's finally been two days! Now it's time to wash off this ridiculous paint on my face!!"

Grey (on loudspeaker): "UHH... I'M AFRAID WE CANNOT PERMIT THAT."
Brianne: "Erm... pardon me? Why not?"
Brianne: "...Why?"
Brianne: "That doesn't seem very fair..."

Brianne: "Hmph! This will just be my THIRD lawsuit against this show! First one- hazardous stairs at the mission, second one, human abuse and public humiliation multiple times, and now this- lying in a contract! I'm going to sue this show for all it's worth! And that's AFTER I win it! Mwhahahaha!!!"

*awkward silence*

Brianne: "Scootch."
Cole: "Yes, your highness."
Brianne: "Thanks servant."
Cole: "What?! Are you being serious?"

Brianne: "Of course not, but in a better age than this one, I think I would be queen somewhere. Or at least treated with a decent amount of respect like a fair woman like myself should receive."
Cole: >.>

Taiha: "Sooo.... Um, this is a bit awkward, but... Cole, have we ever officially met?"

Cole: "Uhhh... Actually, now that you say it- I don't think we have. I don't think I've even talked to you on this show before."
Brianne: "...This is why proper introductions between two strangers meeting each other for the first is necessary, because cases like this-"
Cole & Taiha: "SHUT UP!!
Brianne: "Jesus, how rude! My apologies! Youth these days..."
Cole: "...I'm older than you?"
Brianne: "Pft. That's arguable."
Taiha: "...So anyways, nice to meet you, Cole Sheppard!" 

 *          *          *

DAY 28

Grey: "Welcome players! Oh my gosh, there's so little of you left! I can actually remember your names now without looking at a script!"
Taiha: "What do you mean? You didn't know my name before?!"
Grey: "Uh.... ahaha, yes, of course I did...Tai...ja? No, that's not right... Maya? Tayee? Oh, I give up."
Taiha: "You- don't even know my name?! WHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Grey: *ahem* "Anyways..."

Grey: "To the mission!!"

"Right, so for your last and final mission, all 3 of you must work together to solve 10 questions. Each question, you have to guess the mother and father of the person in the picture. And guess who the mothers and fathers are?! YOU! Well, all the contestants this season, but it can be you guys as well."

Brianne: "What?! I'm not a mother! And I never will be!"

 Grey: "We used an advance genetics system which puts together two faces to create a new one; And we did this 10 times with 10 different pairs. Thing is- only 10 contestants this season were used- 3 weren't. You have to tell me the mom and dad of each child, as well as the 3 parents NOT used. Out of the 10 that ARE, each parent will be used twice. So process of elimination should help you here."

Grey: "That's why this mission is conveniently called, 'Future Children of Player's Past'... our most creative mission title name thus far, wouldn't you agree? OH, and this mission is worth the highest a mission has yet: $350,000... Yep. I said it. So 350 points... That's a lot."


"Please have a seat on the couch... And this chair looks convenient, I think I'll sit here."

 Grey: "Glad that toilet wasn't over here instead of this chair!!"

Grey: "Anywho. If you look across from you, you'll see 3 TV's."

"And paper and some pens. This paper is your answer sheet: you will put your answers to the 10 parent matches here."

Grey: "Ya'll have 20 minutes. This mission starts... NOW!"

 Cole: "Okay, let's do this thing! There's only 3 TVs though?"
Taiha: "I think you have to flip through the channels to find the other ones. Or so I assume."
Brianne: "Okay, I'll try that." *clicks channel up* 

 Brianne: "It's... me?! But, not? Creepy. Beyond creepy, actually. Now to decide who the father is..." *shivers*
"There is not one person this season that I would even consider mating with... BLEH!"

Grey: "...Why are you staring at me?"

Taiha: "Oh, sorry. Can't help it. Your face is just so... BEAUTIFUL!"
Grey: "Aw, thanks, I know it is. Your face is... um... good, too."
Taiha: "Awww!! Grey! You shouldn't have! You think I'm pretty?!?!"
Grey: "... You're para-phrasing, but sure."
Taiha: "Hey Grey?"
Grey: "Yeah?"
Taiha: "Are any of these faces the kids of you and I? I think you should have one of us two together, I want to see how beautiful our future children will be!!" :D

Grey: "Umm..."  (0_0)

 (10 minutes later...)

Cole: "Who do you think the mother could be in that one? Someone with big eyes... Selena? Those look like Selena's eyes."

Taiha: "Seems about right. Now, the father has to be someone with black hair..."
Brianne: "Max still needs one more slot- maybe he's the father of that one? It could be Devin too though..."
Cole: "...Isn't Selena Max's mom though or something?"
Taiha: "What?!"
Cole: "Don't worry about it..." 
Brianne: "Ah! Incest! Gross!"

 (19 minutes in...)

Grey: "1 minute left!"
Brianne: "Oh, shoot, shoot! We only have one kid left..."

Taiha: "That's Max for sure- just look at those eyebrows."
Cole: "And it would make sense for Courtney to be the mother- so that's an easy one. Are we sure about the 3-non parents though?"
Brianne: "I think we are... Are you sure Amber is not a parent though? Just look at face number 3!"
Taiha: "Can't- wrong channel. Let me go change it-"
Cole: "No! We don't have enough time!! We have like-"

Grey: "20 seconds."

 Cole: "-...left. If we're going to change it, we need to do it right now."
Brianne: "Who's Amber's other child though?!"
Taiha: "I don't know! Cole?"
Cole: "Don't f***** look at me!"
Brianne: "Dammit!"
Taiha: "Arggh!!!"
Grey: "Okay! Time's up."

Grey: "Let's see how you did."

*tallying the correct answers...*

Grey: "Alright. It's been calculated, and..."

Taiha: "...Yeah?"
Brianne: "Just tell us already!"
Cole: "The anticipation is killing me!!"

Grey: "You got 6 out of 10 correct- since each correct answer is worth 35 points, you guys just earned 210 points for the pot. Not bad, that's pretty good."

Everyone: "Phew!"

Grey: "That's it for today's mission- Hope you enjoyed it, because you are now finished with all the missions this season. All that's left is the final mole quiz, and then... THE FINALE!! 
Instead of going straight home, we're giving you the reward of free-roaming this art gallery. There's a snackbar downstairs, feel free to buy anything you want. It's on the house!! ...Well, gallery, but you get the idea."

Brianne: *gasps* "Yes! Finally, I get to see some REAL artwork- Thomas was showing me his... 'masterpieces' all season, and quite frankly they were... less than desirable to look at. The art and monuments in here should be nice to look at." 

Taiha: "Are there any paintings of kittens? I've been kitty-sober for a month now! I haven't been able to see or hold any super cute little fur balls in so long, I almost forgot my addiction towards them! Mr. Meow is a old fart now, I want to see some REAL kittens!!!"

Cole: "Free food?! Heck yeah!!! ...As long as nobody is down there though. I'm not going to let people see me in this state. I look like a freaking... I don't even know! Freaking freak, that's what!"

 Grey: "Have fun contestants... And viewers: No, that isn't a clue right there. You know, that checkered statue. I wish it was though, it would be a pretty good clue. But it's not... Oops. By saying that I just revealed a clue... Haha, decipher that as you wish." ;D

*          *          *



How Tina, Haylo, and Jojo answered:

1. Selena and Max

2. Taiha and Leon

3. Taiha and Kenneth

4. Brianne and Ashton

5. Courtney and Kenneth

6. Evangeline and Leon

7. Selena and Devin

8. Brianne and Devin

9. Courtney and Max

10. Evangeline and Ashton

Not a parent:
1. Amber

2. Thomas

3. Cole

The other 2 non-parents were Taiha and Devin. Answers to the ones they got wrong are:
2. Amber & Leon
3. Amber & Thomas
7. Thomas & Selena
8. Kenneth & Brianne

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